Yoast SEO Tutorial 2019 | For Beginners (Set Up With WordPress in 20 Minutes!)

So you’ve heard of Yoast SEO to optimize the SEO for your website, but not sure how to use it? Then look no further! In this complete 2019 tutorial I’ll will explain what Yoast SEO is, give a step-by-step walkthrough of how to set it up, and show you how to optimize a blog post for best SEO results!

Also as promised…

What is SEO? Explained for Beginners:

And another video if you need STEP-BY-STEP help creating a PROFESSIONAL website from home:


What is Yoast SEO? 0:37
How to Set Up Yoast SEO with WordPress 1:27
How to Optimize a Blog Post with Yoast 9:29
Extra SEO Tips for Blog Posts 19:12

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20 Responses

  1. Adeshina Ajibola

    Admin…Pls can you upload a tutorial on creating church website with Elementor adding sermons, latest post, Comment, Contact form, Events and Footer.

  2. Fab R

    Do you think Yoast SEO is better than Rank Math? I think that Rank Math has more options and the better design – that's what they say on their Website. They write, that Yoast SEO needs more than double of files and line in code and the size of the plugin is a lot bigger. I wanted to ask you, if you heard about that plugin and what you think about it. It is better than Yoast SEO? Thanks a lot!! And, by the way, best yoast SEO video I ever seen.

  3. Paul Haywood

    I originally set up my first website for a customer (my Mom) with Google XML Sitemaps… would you recommend that I change it to Yoast? The page is number one in her area.

  4. Team With P!

    Keywords Everywhere is still a nice tool, but it's a premium (paid) tool now. There are a number of free alternatives out there, though, like UberSuggest. Don't stop blogging, ya'll!

  5. Christin Ma

    I'm a bit confused – should you write a blog post with the wordpress editor or with elementor? Or doesn't it make a difference when it comes to SEO?

  6. MikeOnTheBox

    Is it a good idea to change the "slug" once the page has been live and indexed in many search engines? What precautions should we take if we do so?