WordPress Website Hacked | 2019 | Malware Redirect to Spammy Site | Solution

I was really shocked to see that every link in my website/Blog started getting redirected to some other spam site out of the Blue.

The website did not report any form of issues or attack. The WordPress Website started getting redirected to some other site and i couldn’t understand how.

I ended up fixing the whole thing after carefully taking a restore and backup of the whole Post and other related data.
I went in and removed the wordpress that is already installed in my hosting provider location and had to re-install the entire thing from scratch.

Once that was done, I restored the posts and theme data back on to the Website.

There was some spammy plugin/file that was inserted into the place where the WordPress was installed.

I advice using stronger Firewalls and probably better authentication mechanisms to prevent this from happening in the future.

Check out the WordPress plugins that I used to take a backup –

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

Link to my blog –

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One Response

  1. Rahul Singh

    first download your database from phpmyadmin and then Just install again same new theme and delete all the database column row from phpmyadmin and replace with old downloaded database it will work its worked for me (Y)