WordPress Tutorials for Beginners – Getting Started with WordPress 2017

In this Explainer Style Video I show you a visual checklist of what to do when you create your WordPress Powered Website.

This WordPress Tutorials for Beginners is meant to show people the process of Getting Started with WordPress 2017

I cover some of the most important aspects of configuring your WordPress Website from:
1. Basic Settings
2. Creating Posts and Pages
3. Choosing WordPress Themes
4. Choosing which WordPress Plugins you should use. I actually have a video dedicated to this https://youtu.be/RiTXUVGW25A
5. Securing your WordPress Website
6. Backing Up your WordPress Website
7. Which WordPress Blogs you should follow
8. and more.

This explainer video is meant to be more of a visual way to setup your WordPress Website. Again, it’s a WordPress Tutorial for Beginners, not intermediate or advanced users.

I do have other videos for advanced WordPress Users:
Here are a few of those videos.

WordPress Multisite – https://youtu.be/wvyf9c_h4T4

WordPress Theme Development – https://youtu.be/LdTWGvP1k2Q

Debugging WordPress – https://youtu.be/Z7c7oKKlZHc

Analyzing WordPress – https://youtu.be/lfRDmCqwIEE

I’m trying out different ways to create YouTube videos from Screen Casts, Vlogs, Explainer Videos and some longer videos like what Tyler Moore does on his channel. Let me know which type of video format you like best.

Hopefully you enjoyed this video which is about Getting Started with WordPress. If you did, subscribe and watch more of my videos on how to create an awesome website with WordPress.

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