WordPress Tutorial for Beginners | Step-By-Step 2019

Get Hosting and Install WordPress:

Welcome to this WordPress Tutorial for Beginners | Step-By-Step 2019!

Step #1: How to Install WordPress 0:46
Step #2: How to Log Into WordPress 7:02
Step #3: How to Navigate the WordPress Dashboard 8:16
Step #4: How to Add a New Theme 11:41
Step #5: How to Install Plugins 13:57
Step #6: How to Customize Your Website 17:00
Step #7: How to Add Pages 23:54
Step #8: How to Create a Blog Post 27:06
Step #9: Publish Your Website! 30:30

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35 Responses

  1. muhaan cade h

    http://bit. ly/2s0ONXO
    Hi! if you are looking for a WordPress and web designers that can do for you all the work that you need at very low price click on this link and have a look at how many different creators can help you.This side is very well known and world wide.

  2. Jason F

    Thank you so much for this video. I haven't used any sort of website or design tools since high school, and Dreamweaver MX. I also like Hestia enough that I'm considering buying their pro version.

  3. framelessfilms

    OK, I was all excited. I did everything in the tutorial. I installed the Hestia theme. I started customizing. Cool! Then I ran into a little problem: There are sections in the free version of Hestia that you are locked out of. For example, in the “meet the team” section, I can rename the title, but I can’t rename the members of the team. I can’t rename things like “Desmond Purpleson, CEO” to another name. Not in the free version anyway. I would have to buy the Pro version at either $100 per year, or $200 for a lifetime for one site. The free version will let you see what is going on and get a feel for the theme, but it is hobbled so that you can’t even use it for a simple site. I was all excited, but now I am going to have to figure out a more affordable theme and start again from scratch. Oh well, it was fun while the excitement lasted! I haven’t decided whether or not to unsubscribe yet. I did learn something, and the tutorial was well done. I just wish you’d picked a theme we could actually use.

  4. Chris Bednar

    Great Tutorial, but I'm still Stuck, I Purchased a theme , I have it on my site and the child theme is Activated so I can work on it, however I have this other theme that is Published as my home page so I am not looking at the theme I want so I can make the changes I want Very Confusing ??? Thank You!!!!

  5. jeanbia95

    Your screen does not match up with mine. I am on a Mac. Does that make a difference? I find no button that says add new theme.

  6. amany

    When I go to Pages and want to Add New the page that pops up is not in the Hestia theme. It's white with Add Title and select layout. can someone help. i 've seen some people having the same issue

  7. amany

    best tuto on WordPress I have found so far. all I needed to start.Short and straight to the point. you got a new subscriber.

  8. CHA CHA

    Good Quality Video Dale! Though once you clicked the "Launch Site" button, how do you undo or revert it? Thanks Mate!

  9. Stephanie West

    When I go to Pages and Add New the page that pops up is not in the Hestia theme. It's white with Add Title and select layout. Help!

  10. Nat Mukphila

    Hey, I followed everything you say and stuck at the propagating part. its been more than 24 hrs for me now what should I do?

  11. MelodiousMischief

    "I'm gonna show you guys how to change the font."
    Me, a graphic designer: Cool. I wonder what he'll change it to.
    "Let's just do Comic Sans."
    me: NOOOOO
    "But I don't like it so I'll put it back."
    me: good man.

    In all seriousness, great tutorial, thanks for going through everything. WordPress is more straightforward than I imagined.

  12. Christopher Gilbert

    How do I restore the main headder menu?? WordPress is extremely frustrating, as there is no clear way to put the menu back like it was. This is just a huge time-vaccum.

  13. Ahmad Hassan

    bro i am from Pakistan and paypal is not available here moreover i am under 18 so i cant have a credit card….tell me what should i do?

  14. Ka Poy

    hi dale. new fan and subscriber here. i'm just starting to learn so i find your vids are really helpful. just wondering though. because my boss wants us to use the newspaper theme. do you happen to already have a tutorial of it? or maybe considering to make out? would be great if there. thanks so much thus far!