WordPress tutorial for beginners: Posts vs Pages

WordPress tutorial for beginners: Posts vs Pages.

In this WordPress tutorial for beginners, I explain the difference between posts and pages when you create a website. I also shoe you how to set up your website as a blog or as static homepage.

This tutorial uses a free wordpress theme from wordpress.

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9 Responses

  1. GoldenPepperFilms

    You created a page called Blog, you put it in your menu settings, and then all of a sudden out of no where it contains all this information, how did this information get connected to this page??????

  2. Sayang

    Can you please show a video on how to make changes ( edit pages, add links)to an existing WordPress website set up by someone else. We are able to access the website ( clubhouse)but do not know to make the necessary changes……..Help! Your assistance is much appreciate.

  3. Suzanne Bair

    I would like to find out how to have multiple posts pages? (Ie several pages that have different categories go to specific pages only. For example a travel website that has a page for US Travel, Europe Travel, etc. Then have posts for Texas, Washington, Pennsylvania go to US Travel Page or Belgium, France, and Italy go to the Europe Travel Page.)

  4. Abhishek Kumar

    Can you Please show me how I add author name on every post like elegant theme I have tired many author plugin but it does not look like as elegnatthemes Thanks MAK