WordPress Malware Removal For Your Website

WordPress Malware Removal: https://www.RemoveMalware.net

In this video I will show you the two possible scenarios you will have when your WordPress website gets hacked.

The first scenario is if you find out your WordPress website has malware but it hasn’t been shut down by your hosting company. In this case you have the option of using plugins like Gotmls or Wordfence to help you remove the malware from your site. This is a temporary fix because you have to deal with why you got hacked to prevent the hackers and malware from coming back. You will also have to request Google to remove the malware warning via Google webmaster tools after you have removed the malware.

The second scenario your hosting company has shut down your WordPress website because they have detected malware. In this case you will be limited to removing malware from the backend of your website. You can do this by going into the cpanel then into the file manager. You will have to remove the malware line by line and will have to get a list from your hosting company.

For both of these scenarios I suggest you hire a professional service to remove the WordPress malware for you. My service charges a flat rate of $99.99 to remove the malware. I clean your site then harden your site by removing any vulnerabilities then I also remove any blacklist your site may have as well. There are many services and hosting partners that will try to lock you into a monthly fee. Please remember that you don’t have to pay monthly to remove malware from your website. If you have any questions you can call me at 1-844-349-4225. We are standing by ready to help you fix this quickly and affordably.

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