WordPress Hacked? How to fix! – Restore and Protect Your Website

How to fix your WordPress site if it was hacked
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The Latest WordPress Brute force attacks are wreaking havoc on the entire web world.
Find out what you can do to mitigate the risk for your website.

This video is a how to guide to keep your WordPress website safe, or how to restore your website is something did happen. We use our cPanel manager to restore our files for our website.

0:43 – Talk about Website Backups.
Some hosting companies charge you for website backups however we provide full cpanel backups for Free

1:05 – Login to account manager and navigate to cPanel

1:35 – Go to the Restore Manager inside your cPanel and demonstrate how to do a file restore

12 Responses

  1. Silas Nilsson

    My website occasionally have Internal Server Error 500 in about 2-3 seconds, then it automatically returns to normal. This happen few times a day. How to check this error comes from and how to handle it. Thank you.?

  2. bankole dada

    Hi, does this work for a deleted website too. I accidentally deleted my wordpress website on 1and1, have seen some backed up data base but was wondering if i have to install the template before i can restore the backup date. Thanks for youtr advice

  3. Forgive NASA

    Thanks for posting this. Our WordPress-fueled webspace was recently the victim of hacking and cyber warfare and we had to learn quickly how to protect ourselves.

  4. warever37

    I have a question: if Better WP Security protects you from Brute force attacks, how can I do the same on the server side? Will this plugin do this? Is there a WP plugin for server protection? Thank you.

  5. Jim Walker

    Focus on backups – that's your best defense against hackers.

    I always say, "never trust your web host when it comes to backups."

    Embrace a good backup methodology, and/or hire someone to set one up for you, so that when these events occur you'll not lose hours of life attempting to recover from them. Enjoy!

    Jim Walker
    The Hack Repair Guy