WordPress Child Themes vs Custom CSS Modify Parent Theme

So you want to modify the parent theme, do you use a child theme or a custom css window? When and why should you install a child theme or not? How to best edit the style.css file? Answers here, enjoy!

How to create a child theme in wordpress https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gW78Ifm1Ys0


3 Responses

  1. Mr. K RAWAL

    Hi Greg, hope you are doing well. I have build a website just watching your Sydney tutorial and it was great fun. step by step, nicely explained. I wonder if we can change header image for different page. If yes, please let me know. When I change any image it applies to all except home/front page. Luckily Front page image choosing option is separate. Please let me know if we can update different header image different pages / all unique

  2. Alae Eddine Arba

    Hey man,
    Can you make a full tutorial on how to make a website with the bluestreet theme? You know, something like the one you did with the vantage theme. Thank's for the content man!