WordPress Child Themes – How to Create a Child Theme in WordPress

http://www.portsidemarketing.com – In this video, Lisa Parziale explains how to create a child theme for a WordPress blog or site. WordPress child themes are the best way to ensure themes being used are easy to update. This video covers creating the CSS that the child theme uses that extends the parent theme. WordPress is a very powerful blogging software and using child themes makes it a cinch to update and maintain.

A wordpress child theme is simply a sub-theme, that gets all of it’s instructions from the parent or base theme, then overrides the parent in the child theme for only those things that you wish to. The main reason to create the child theme is simple – it allows the base theme to be updated without affecting the child theme. So when you purchase a template, such as u-design or any other theme, when the author updates the theme, you are safe when installing the new base theme over the original. Your child theme would still override the new theme.

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WordPress Child themes – Create a child theme in WordPress

Lisa covers why it is extremely important to create child themes and the impact they have if you do not create them.


4 Responses

  1. Lisa M. Noble

    Thank you for putting this video out there.  I was struggling and couldn't figure out why my child theme changes were not taking effect.  Thank you for making it so thorough yet simple.

  2. Clairwil Oh

    I love the last 2 seconds of the sound here. <3 (who was bugging you while you were trying to make a video? I can relate.) thanks for this very useful tutorial on how to created a child theme, too.