WordPress Blog Tutorial – Blogging for Beginners in 2017!

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How to create a WordPress blog in the fastest and cheapest way possible. Get all the features like Google Adsense and Analytics to make a website or a blog. Keep it simple with this WordPress blog tutorial and get started today! Visit the blog we build in this video: http://mywordpressblogtutorial.com

WordPress blog tutorial resources

North Theme by Site Origin https://goo.gl/1AdPgZ
WordPress.org https://goo.gl/5aac6W
HostGator for $3 Special Page https://goo.gl/kVWSOv
Logomakr https://goo.gl/tAA761
Google Analytics https://goo.gl/oOI3LW
Google Adsense https://goo.gl/VR5YVB
Aweber https://goo.gl/PcvLtj

I thought I’d bring you guys to YouTube today for this wordpress blogging tutorial because for me to create a WordPress blog was the first step to getting there, first as a blogger and now as a YouTuber. It’s really a great reaffirmation for me of how when you start a blog it can take you anywhere, and open a zillion doors. Not sure where that’s going, but happy to help you along the journey! 🙂 Here is a little behind the scenes video if you want to see more: https://goo.gl/lKSeQV

Quick Links

Get Domain Name and Hosting 2:00
Install WordPress.org to Make Blog 10:00
10 Steps to Master WordPress 13:00
Google Analytics 49:00
Google Adsense 55:00
Online Marketing 101 1:00:00

This is a free wordpress blog tutorial so you can learn WordPress blogging at your own pace. If you learn how to blog please share your experience below, I try to respond to every blogger!

Thanks so much for watching our wordpress blog tutorial for beginners – let me know if you can build a blog and how you’ll change the world!

44 Responses

  1. MK Flav

    Hey man i need help my comment section wont appear on any of my blog posts. I have them enabled. Do i need a plugin or something ?

  2. Ibiwari Jaja

    Also, while registering, I mistakenly put in an email that is not functional. Hence, I haven't gotten my account info or billing details. I sent a functional email to them, so that the verification code could be sent to that. The live chat agent assured me that once my account was verified, I would be able to update my email and request for my account info and billing details to be sent to the updated email.

  3. Ibiwari Jaja

    Hello Greg, please I registered with hostgator and paid for everything with my credit card. However I have been unable to continue with the rest of the blog creation process because they requested that I verify my identity by uploading my passport. I did that and a live chat agent assured me that a verification code would be sent to my my mail. For over 24 hours I still haven't gotten my verification code. Please do you have a solution to this?

  4. Bridget Voorhees

    Greg, I am using Ultra Web hosting and I am very confused with all of the WordPress installs and how to navigate through this can you please help me!!

  5. Sarah Brown

    I can’t thank you enough for this video!! I just signed up for WordPress yesterday and I spent HOURS trying to figure it out or find any good info on the internet. I was to the point of frustration that I just wanted to quit, but your super amazing detailed video gave me back my hope that maybe I can really do this. Thank you soooo much for helping us all out!!

  6. Marisa B

    hello, thank you, this was a wonderful tutorial – this is my second time watching it so that can set my second blog- squaarekat.com
    I have one more of your tutorials to finish – I have one question I could not find the YOST plugin. Was that changed? it sounds interesting- Thank you again – now one more tutorial that you did and I hope i'm good..

  7. Fashionista239

    Hi! Great video you explain things very well:)
    When i assign a post to a category, i noticed that the category name appears on the bottom left of my featured image (in the post).. How can i remove this?
    The image i am using has a watermark so i can't have any text on it..
    I would really appreciate your help thanks!

  8. Howard Walker

    thanks a million for all the valuable and informative tips you've shared in this tutorial!!!! You brilliantly guided me toward creating my soon-to-be published travel/lifestyle blog.

  9. Alyse Andrews

    HI Greg, thank you so much – this video was incredibly helpful. I have a question – I followed all of the steps for adding the facebook sidebar to my site and instead of the miniturized version of my facebook page, there is just the name of my page as a hyperlink to my facebook page on the sidebar. Any thoughts? Thank you!

  10. Debbie Kiely

    Hi Greg Thank you for uploading this video and thank you for the extras about Analytics , adsence and  marketing and email boxes. I am totally new to blogging. I have a question. Can I write numerous blog posts from ONE WordPress website. Or do I have to always have a new website for a new blog post. I look forward to your response. Best wishesDebbie

  11. Yurafad Mont

    Hello Greg, thank you for your tutorials , I had learned a lot. I followed your others tutorial and I open my website, (thanks for the coupons), Can you please make a tutorial and how customize the Kale theme on wordpress.org. I am having a hard time, thanks.

  12. SN Bailey

    This is so exciting I just started blogging because it's freezing cold outside and now I'm learning css code

  13. beatriz mendonça

    when you dowload wordpress inside hostgator, you don't need to pay anything to wordpress? Is the .org plan included in hostgator? Is it the premium or the professional…? i'm so confused about it

  14. Sergio Reyes

    why didn't you do any add ons?
    I want to start my blog, I came across your video and it's amazing.
    however, I'm wondering if I really need to get the add ons, the haker add on, the email add on, the privacy add on ?
    are they worth it and if so why?

  15. Karen Ruiz

    OMGEEE!! can I just say this is one of the best how to video I've seen! I literally probably watch 100+ video's trying to find all the information you provided us in 1 hr. Thank you so much! I've learned so much and my website already looks so much better.

  16. Beverly Ho

    I was doing fine until I got to the domains part, there isn't any settings button after privacy and also says domain pending. Guess I'll just write down what you say and see if it works later.

  17. Corrie Venter

    Hey. This video helped me a lot. Don't know all the kinks yet, but will definitely watch your other videos.

  18. Allison Werchon

    Thank you Greg!!! You have a new subscriber. Your tutorial was awesome and answered questions that I didn't even know I wanted to ask. A huge help!👍

  19. Jayden Lopez

    This helped me so much! I have been looking to start a blog for a while and now I finally know the basic means to do so. Thanks for the help!

  20. Rachel Unk

    Once I click on domains it does not give me the option to add the name servers.  It just says my site and then underneath it say domain pending. What should I do?

  21. Mary Balandiat

    Great video, Greg. I am your newest subscriber. What about the SSL certificate that Google wants everyone to have? You unchecked the box. Don't you need an SSL now? Which SSL do you recommend or don't you use one? I heard some bad things about SiteLock.

  22. Chicken Duo

    Hey Greg, just a quick question… I am at the step where i register the 1st and 2nd server codes under the "Domain" section on HostGator, but my domain isn't showing up… please help.