What to do if your WordPress website gets hacked

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What to do if your #WordPress website gets hacked? Here are 3 steps to fixing your website –

WP Engine – http://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=875645&u=960977&m=41388&urllink=&afftrack= (Affiliate Link)

Sucuri – https://sucuri.net/

WP Fix It – http://wpfixit.com/?aff=WebTegrity (Affiliate Link)

Codex Advanced Instructions –

Limit Login Attempts Plugin:

WP Limit Login Attempts

White Screen of Death – Accessing your WordPress website through FTP https://youtu.be/nX0SwPVEh5s

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13 Responses

  1. Khalid Kobe Ikram

    Really good video Kori. I see you are using Sucuri. As you may know im a newbee! And i want to install a plugin or secure my WP site. I have been recommened Hide My WP. How would you compare "Sucuri" to "Hide my WP"? Which is the better? 😉

  2. Rao T

    Hi Kori
    Nice tutorial
    please share me how to hide source code in word press web site
    how to hide word press plug in details

  3. Ronnie Savini

    Hi, Kori I have a question about websites that have been hacked.  Can a website that shows "this site may have be hacked" in the Google serps be reused if you purchased the domain and put it on brand new hosting?  With brand new fresh install of wordpress?

  4. Stacy Tavassoli

    I'm so confused right now. I downloaded an ithemes security plugin a few days ago and noticed file changes are happening every day, even on days I haven't even logged in and visited my site. I assumed I'd been hacked, but when I run a sucuri scan it says everything looks good and there's no malicious viruses and everything is working good.

    However just today I can no longer see the changelog that was showing me what files had been added or changed, now I'm just automatically directed to a 404 page not found!!!! Do you know what's going on? and how I can fix it?

  5. **SeeYourStar**

    sorry fi cross posting, but im still havin gissue of 40+ failed login attempts succuri isn ow teleign me, siteground (hosting company) said edited txt file so stil serachable but will stop the "bots"? but im ver nervous why this is happenign so soon and what to do about it, hasn't been hacked yet but someobody or bot or wathever is constanly trying what to do?

  6. Robert Reid

    just updated to SSL using a force redirect to https…but not sure how the edit .htacces file.. and with what code.. could you make a video on this please.

  7. Jair Klarfeld

    Hi Kory – I have learned a great deal from your videos – Thank you for doing them!! I know that you use WPEngine for your hosting.

    If I went with them as my host – would I be in a shared hosting plan or what? Do they have their own servers or are they using other providers for their servers.

    Thanks again!

  8. zahi renawi

    hello. i have wordpress.org. i try to setup some plugin. but i cant find them. i try to search aliplugin. and ebayaliimport. but when i try to find them by searching. there is no result found

  9. Mario Silva

    You mentioned a robot trying to brute force into a wp site and recommended Limit Login but is it possible to nip it in the bud and change the urls so that the robots can't find them?

    For example, I was looking at maybe hiding the urls or changing them with the Hide My Wp plugin but I don't know if that would create all kinds of chaos with other plugins or assets.

    This is the plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/hide-my-wp-amazing-security-plugin-for-wordpress/4177158

    Thanks, Kori! 😀

  10. Cori Leigh

    Love your videos Kori! Everyone using WordPress needs this information! Getting hacked is not a pretty thing for sure! Awesome plugin suggestion! Interesting about Hosting Companies! Thanks for your great videos!