Website Hacked Fix | WordPress Hacked Fix – WordPress websites of mine have been getting hacked lately on 2 of my servers. Not sure if its my webhosts fault or just vulnerable areas in wordpress websites or both. Here is a quick idea of what to watch for when dealing with ‘pharma hacks’ and these type of website hacks. Usually unusual folders will be added to your wordpress or html area. These folders typically have unusual names and they try to blend in with your regular website and wordpress files and folders. Watch the fix for hacked websites and hacked wordpress sites. *Always backup or save files you plan on deleting just in case you make a mistake. You should always backup your database and website when in doubt. *I take no responsibility-this is just what i do to clean up my wordpress and website files when I have been hacked.

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  1. WPfixup.US

    I just got the dreaded 500 error and simply upgraded php and it cured it with. the upload channal great with subscribe

  2. Silas Nilsson

    I want to ask you one question whats the best way to increase site speed even faster? let me know I am very much Thanksful to you if you help regarding this.?

  3. Guillermo Serra

    This would be a big issue if someone is new at building website, like me. After looking into good website builders, I ended up with WordPress, but how to keep my website from getting hacked or at least reduce the risks?

  4. Forgive NASA

    Thanks for posting this. Our WordPress webspace was recently the victim of hacking and cyber warfare and we had to quickly learn how to protect ourselves. You were a help!

  5. Guest Guest

    Google maliciously place "This site may be hacked" message on business websites. My website has NO problem according to my website host company and Google's website diagnostic website, but this malicious message still stays on my website, ruining the reputation of my website. To prove that I am NOT falsely accusing Google, here is my website address: (005)

  6. James Sherman

    IMHO, this is one of the best videos to solve a hacked wordpress. My wordpress was hacked and i couldnt log in tot he wp-admin.php. Initially i thought it was a plungin problem and i went to deactivate all. Until i realize in mobile, the site is redirected to adult sites. I took a look at the bad end to realize all my files are contaminated with links to porn links! tHANKS FOR YOUR steps by steps on how to "purify" a hacked corrupted wordpress. You're a good!

  7. uthaya kumaran Krishnan

    Hi there,

    I am new to wordpress, I just installed a theme and I realize that my site has been hacked. Can I reinstall WP to get rid of unwanted files?