Using a Child Theme for SYDNEY THEME Footer Modification

Use this to update your copyright for the Sydney Theme after you’ve followed the original tutorial. Download the child theme at NYC TECH CLUB (link below)

Text link:

There are a few steps involved to get your site to look exactly like it does before uploading the child theme. Make sure you watch! The only thing you need to do is change your settings in the customize tab to however you set them before.

None of your parent customizations changed, so you can always go back and references those by activating the parent sydney theme and clicking on customize to take a look.


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  1. Marvin Barnes

    Jamison, thank your for great leaning tools for us novices. I created a website several months ago using your tutorial and it is great. 2018 is getting close and I want to change the copyright data at the bottom of the page. I have the child theme installed and the footer.php has been changed to 2018. I changed the the year in the php file and it took forever and eventually told me I have to do it manually. I used Firezilla and changed the file in the child theme. I then opened the site and it still says 2017. If I go into appearance and editor I see 2017 in tehe footer.php file. What am I doing wrong?

  2. ashuma tak

    How can i add hindi content in my website.?……and i haven't bought the pro version of sydney …..i don't know why sometimes the categories vanish ..some times i am not being able to update…..pleaze help …please

  3. Cesar Cruz

    Cool video. If you were using a text editor, would you enter the text in the page within the editor (like footer.php) or on the WordPress page interface? What's best practice?

  4. yeopoon

    I am using the Sydney child theme. For some reason, the editor under appearance/editor has disappeared? I used to able to access that, but now the option is no longer available. How to I get back the editor? Thanks!!

  5. Sharron Harper

    Things were going great until I got to 3:39. That's where you said you "uploaded the footer PHP". Now I have to leave this video and go figure out how to do that since you didn't want to show us.

  6. Romy Kim

    I finally had need and tried modifying child theme and was wondering… is it almost always a good idea to make child theme at the very beginning ?

  7. Romy Kim

    Why can't you simply edit from existing Sydney theme ? Is it for safety just in case code get screwed up ? Also, will child the page load slightly slower (just a theoretical question) like it loads most part from parent, then load footer from child ???

  8. Mannuel Allswell

    Man. you're the best. When wordpress was updated my footer was just messing up my site…floating all over the place. you cant imagine how grateful I am. Thank you

  9. Gianvito Bono

    Hello, I would like to change the index.php, so I added it to the child as the footer.php theme but when I change back to the original. What should I do?

    PS.: Sorry for the bad english but my first language is italian.

  10. Eileen Anderson

    Love this! You have been so helpful in getting 4 of my websites up and running. I could not have done it without your help! I forgot to use child themes and you made it so simple to do. YOU ROCK!!!!

  11. Joe Gruberman

    Thanks for this tutorial. Will add to my toolbox. I'm curious about two things. (1) Rather than add your for the footer.php, would it not be better to copy the footer.php from the Sydney theme, in order to get the version that matches the current theme? And (2) if (instead) we only add footer.php, and not the other files of, would that spare us the angst of re-doing the front page images and menu? While it may be simple, ideally, we want to only change what we need to change, and not cause a reversion elsewhere. Thanks!

  12. Luke EM

    Hey, I really like you videos and I'm building now a website using Syndey child theme. But I cant modify CSS I want larger distance from my logo to the posts also my logo is too big. Seems like I cant modify anything with that theme..

  13. Greg Salyer

    Thanks! What I would really like to do is put the social media buttons in the footer so they appear on all pages. How can I do that?

  14. Karin Johansson

    Hey Jameson, thanks for this tutorial SO great! However, I do not have editor under appearances.. Is there any other way I can change the footer? Or do you know how I can get editor under appearances? Thank you 🙂

  15. Marc Catalla

    HI, how do I center the theme footer? I already have child theme and updated everything but the alignment stays on the left.

  16. Dirk Borchers

    Hi Jameson, great tutorials and thanks for the coupon. One question regarding the footer in the child theme: Right now it links to the homepage, but what if I wanted to link it to another page of my website? Or, for that matter, to a linkedin account?

  17. Arun Rafi

    Thank you Jameson!
    this was really helpful. Just when i finished your make a website video, i figured out i had to make changes through child themes! and there you were to the rescue.
    Suggestion: Do you want to add the child theme post details right below your main HOW TO post? that might save a lot of people time searching for it or trying to make it.

  18. Michael A.

    Hey Jameson, I've been through so many tutorials and your's BY FAR is the best! Everything has been flowing great so far but I'm running through some errors, is there any way you can help me? I don't know if something I'm doing. I've made sure all the plugins and everything else is up to date, but something is not working right. How can I contact you? I'd greatly appreciate any help!

  19. thisis Beazley

    Jameson, Thank you so much for the tutorials on Sydney. They are brilliant! I have one question. I used a child theme for Sydney from the beginning of my set up, so to update the footer I copied your code into the editor stylesheet, made the name change and then updated but unfortunately no change occurred. Any suggestions on what I may have done incorrectly? And, thank you very much again for the fabulous tutorials!

  20. Nicole Xu

    Just wondering if you have videos on how to backup WordPress so I won't lose everything when I upgrade it. Thanks 😀

  21. suelady78

    Freaking out! LOL I tried to edit the footer but again in the very new wordpress version 4.4.3.the editor section is gone. A idea how to fix it now with the footer? Almost done with my page! =) Just the footer and I'm ready to go…I installed also the child theme but jeez… doesn't show up what you show 😉 thanks again…

  22. Shelby Gebbs-Posner

    Jameson, is it possible to move the title and subtitles on the slides? Also will I be able to add an availability calendar to the Sydney theme? If so, which would you recommend? Thanks

  23. Stacie Kellner

    I had previously created a child theme through word press. When I try to change the footer by going to appearance/editor it does not give me an option to modify the Footer (footer.php), it only has Styles (style.css). If I try copying your custom css to this section nothing happens. How do I get the Footer info to show so that I can modify it? Thanks for your assistance.

  24. Michael Alston

    @NYC Can you help me with the call to action button link, I'm trying to add a anchor link in the link area to go to another page in a certain area. Sydney Theme, I have already added the anchor to the page and place I want to go, a little anchor icon shows up in vis mode. However when I put the page link in then the #gotothis ,update and it isn't working. It goes to the page but not to the correct area???Thanks Man….Mike

  25. Benedict Odanga

    Wow! I always thought I wasn't doing it right for the footer as it kept on going back to 'powered by Sydney' until I found this useful video, thanks again. I am on point.