Sweetdate Theme 3.0 Install,demo content import, theme and plugins setup tutorial.

THEME DEMO : https://seventhqueen.com/demo/sweetdatewp/ | THEME SUPPORT : https://seventhqueen.com/support/

0:12 – Theme upload and install via Wp-admin
0:36 – Theme activation
0:42 – Theme Welcome Wizard
0:47 – Install Child theme from wizard
0:57 – Install plugins from wizard
1:24 – Import demo content from wizard
2:28 – Set homepage for sweetdate theme.
2:52 – Editing the WordPress menu, deleting default menu items and creating a new menu.
4:27 – Enabling wp users registration.
4:38 – Enabling all Buddypress components
4:49 – Checking the buddypress required pages.
5:00 – Enabling rtMedia features.
5:36 – Set permalinks for post name style.
5:52 – Adding and arranging the menu items to the newly created menu.
8:16 – PaidMembershipsPro plugin setup – creating levels
9:03 – PaidMembershipsPro plugin setup – creating required pages.
9:25 – Set FullWidth Layout for levels page.
10:10 – Creating new menu for footer links.
10:33 – Adding footer links menu to the second footer column.
11:46 – Completing Buddypress profile fields.
12:40 – Upload avatar and cover photo for Buddypress profile.


5 Responses

  1. Amy Kunchome

    When I clicked setting/permalink as shows at 5:37, there was an error message said "Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 110886912) (tried to allocate 49152 bytes) in /home4/bingo592/tripanddate.com/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-dis/bp-messages/classes/class-bp-messages-thread.php on line 570"

    So, I asked my server (hostgator) to check and he said he already increased the limitation of file size to 512MB but the error message still shows.
    So he deactivate both buddypress plugin and rtMedia for buddypress plugin, then the permalink setting didn't show the error message any more.
    Please tell me how to solve this issue. Your respond would be highly appreciated.

  2. Spocar

    i installed but in the home page instead of saying "image post format" it says "This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?" it happens when i go to the option reading – front page displays – front page and post page as home default and posts.

  3. Michaella Itaire

    Hi how can I edit the email subscription at the bottom of home page before the footer? It's showing your details there, I want to put mine

  4. Michael Adetunji

    I bought this theme sometimes ago and never touched until this video came out now. It really helps a lot on everything from conception to reception. Just follow the instructions.