Your website needs traffic, not just any traffic quality traffic.

What does quality traffic mean? A precise definition depends on your website and your model but in simple terms we want to attract people who might do whatever it is we would like them to do. That may be subscribe to our website or newsletter, bookmark, comment socially share or even purchase something.
It’s obvious we want to attract visitors who might be interested in what we are offering, so we need to make sure our website in general and our landing pages in particular are fully optimized in many ways, there are a lot of things to do and we recommend to choose very carefully as there is a lot of out of date information, misinformation and false promises surrounding SEO, we have been a customer of our sponsor for this page, they offer a professional SEO platform direct to the public with a full detailed SEO guide that is integrated with SEO Tools of a professional standard, the tools are in a different league to the numerous “consumer” level tools that are available.
We have no hesitation in recommending the platform, they state they are market leading SEO tools and we agree, we have recommended them to other site owners and all have had extremely positive comments and found it easy to optimize their sites, we have been given it about a 50% effort over 12 months and still achieved 260% growth, one site owner claimed a 700% increase in traffic over 14 months!

Localadworks offer a SEO plugin although I prefer using the tools by logging into the website itself, its easier in my opinion everything is the same as using the plugin but you have a lot more screen space.
Also I should mention that we have only used their entry level service ($14.99) its been brilliant and thats all we needed.