Prevent WordPress Hack 100% Of The Time? Balderdash!

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The only websites that are 100% guaranteed to never be hacked are the ones that are not on the internet.

In other words, there is no way to prevent WordPress hacks with 100% certainty.

Unfortunately, that’s the reality of the online world. Just like every retail store expects to lose a certain amount of inventory to theft, webmasters can expect a certain amount of website downtime due to hacking.

But not all is lost. In this video, I’ll explain why hacks are inevitable and what to do about it. When you have the right processes in place, hacks a big deal, they are just a little website downtime.

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12 Responses

  1. Upvote Comment

    Just a Devil's Advocate.
    Why not just use Guttenberg for your WordPress, so you could lessen the Plug-ins you'll install in your site.
    Requires more time & effort at the start but Less plug-ins, less stress to think about and less vulnerability.

    what do you guys think?

  2. Magick Power

    I am on ipage which is shared I didn't realize at the time, today cs ruined all my plugins, now I have to fix everything, which hosting company is not shared? More secure

  3. Necro master

    If updating is that important how come nobody comes with some sort of plugin update automatically all your stuff and take a backup before it or themes and plugins dont have auto update on them?

  4. Michael TH

    Hey can you create a video on WooCommerce user roles, and how to restrict content or change behaviour functions based upon user roles, including WooCommerce user role? If someone is not a subscriber through WooCommerce certain content should be restricted or have the behaviour of certain content changed. Stuff like that..

  5. KoollifeTv

    There is no 100% security apps , the best way is to do clean backup daily …because nothing is secure is matter of time

  6. Isaac Essomba

    Hi, please I have question. How to centralize user accounts if our customers connect with a single identifier on our wordpress applications

  7. subin babu

    Nice very helpful, and please try to make a video on how to secure WordPress site on digital ocean server, thank you