I recorded my screen while I’m trying to fix that and clean my website. Finally, I fixed it and in this video I included the screen cast of me fixing this problem along with my voice over.

The reason for this URL injection on my website may be because of a malicious plugin which I might’ve installed, or due to a vulnerability in my website’s theme, or due to a vulnerability in WordPress (very less chances).

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40 Responses

  1. Tech Raj

    Everything is fine now, I fixed it and there is no more spam. Anyways, this is done by a malicious code which might have been installed on my website with or without my knowledge. So basically this is done by a bot(programmed by a spammer) and not a real person.

  2. Suguna Shanmugam

    Talented person like you may get many disaster's but forget them and continue to persist Someday you may get the good name , Keep growing Bro

  3. Antony Jr.

    Jesus Christ! Please blur your username for the sftp login… Do you know that the biggest obstacle for brute forcing ftp server is the username , Keeping the username hidden is really important… Now anyone can conduct a brute force attack on your ftp server just because they know your username. And Please note that SSH file transfer protocol is also vulnerable towards brute force attack (To be specific SSH is pretty strong when the username is not known. And SFTP is not just a SSL sugarcoat [My Bad] ).

  4. Gourab Sarkar

    thanks for showing this! I am planning to create my own website with wordpress as my csm too. This will surely help me a lot if I get in trouble.

  5. James W

    After being hacked I'd have thought you'd be more careful. You've put your username in the ftp server. What is stopping a brute force attack on the password? You've also exposed your websites file structure which could be useful for an attack.

  6. Karim Hasn

    Always make a backup file of your website when you edit your website..wipe all your files from server and upload your backup and configure it..There you go!!!