Installing Thesis BP Child Theme Tutorial

Step by Step instructions for installing the thesis buddy press child theme for WordPress.


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  1. Craig Heyworth

    oh, actually I just removed the function view_query() {
    global $wp_query,$wp_the_query,$posts_query,$query;

    and it worked a treat! Thanks!

    Great tutorial, very in depth, despite my inability to accurately execute, it still got me there. Thanks

  2. Craig Heyworth

    Oh, I see. I think I got the child theme from the link 'here' on your tutorial post so that may need updating. Thanks again. I'll get the latest version and see if that fixes it. I'm looking for the 0.4.1. version

  3. Craig Heyworth

    great. so I believe I've finally managed it. I have the child theme working with buddypress and everything seems functional. However, i seem to get a large block of code at the top of my pages. It starts with

    WP_Query Object ( [query_vars] => Array ( [error] => [m] => 0 [p] => 0 [post_parent] => [subpost] => [subpost_id] => [attachment] => [attachment_id] => 0 [name] => [static] => [pagename] => [page_id] => 0 [second] => [minute] => [hour] =

    etc etc

    Would you know the cause of this?

  4. Craig Heyworth

    ah i see, so after completely removing buddypress it seems that it upon install it keeps chucking me back to the site dashboard. :-/

  5. Craig Heyworth

    ah, i think i see where the problem is. My buddypress options seem to be on the site dashboard and not the admin dashboard. I've tried to remove buddypress and install it via the dashboard admin to no avail. Would you have any quick guidance? I appreciate you help with this

  6. Craig Heyworth

    I see. Great. I'm getting there. Thanks for your help. I'm wondering, after this is all set up, am I able to backup the entire site and pass it over to somebody to implement on their server?

  7. Craig Heyworth

    I see. Great. Well i've 1.85 installed. Are there versions of the child theme and if so, one that I need to stick to follow your tutorial?

  8. Craig Heyworth

    I see. Thanks for the reply. I'm confused as the child theme looked exactly as you'd shown in your tutorial up to that point. Including the view with the strange alignment and style, however removing the box never fixed mine. I'll go back to the beginning of the tutorial set and see if i'm missing anything. Does this only work with a set version of thesis and the child theme?

  9. Craig Heyworth


    Unfortunately for me after following your instructions, I was unable to get the child theme to show up like the thesis theme. I found that heading to the themes design setting and selecting in the mutimedia tab 'no box' (or something like that) it didn't resolve the issue of alignment. Would you have any suggestions on how to resolve this?