How To Use Google Fonts On Your WordPress Website – WordPress Tutorial 2017

Google Fonts is simply one of the best free things for Web Designers, period.

And to add Google Fonts to your WordPress website is easy, only takes a few minutes, and can be done with one of the many free plugins on the WordPress Plugin Directory.

I’ve been through nearly all of the Plugins and can say the best in my humble opinion is the “Easy Google Fonts” plugin – due to it’s easy of use and extended fictionality if you need it – plus it’s settings page is right tin the WordPress Customiser so you can see how your tweaks are looking as you make them! It has the regular settings for the Heading Tags (H1,H2,H3 etc.) and P Tag – but where this plugin comes into it’s own is how you can use it to style other text on your site without any limitations.

So the first part of the WordPress Tutorial is how you style the regular H Tags and the second part we dive deep into styling other and custom classes easily.

The Plugin is on the Repo here:
Plugin authors Titanium Themes here:

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34 Responses

  1. My52PickUp

    Finally!!! So many of these videos drive you to a plug in that is free, but has no function without spending $60. This really works!

  2. Ieshia Sabrina

    For some reason I am only able to see the standard fonts – there are like 10 fonts instead of 600+… Do you know why that is? I have deactivated it and activated in again.

  3. J Maddox

    For those viewers who haven't got a lot of time to waste for hot air, the tutorial actually starts at 1:58. You're welcome.

  4. gagan bakshi

    Everything else worked just fine, except for editing the menu, if possible can please share any other insights, it would be much appreciated. Thank you once again.

  5. Dr. Debbie Thompson

    Hey Jakson… I followed the directions exactly and I am not getting any changes when I go via Typography. I get font size changes… font color changes… I've attempted to try different fonts on the list, but nothing changes. I'm using Blogolife WP theme. The post fonts I see when I did a test post and the published fonts are different. Is there a way to reset my theme fonts without damage to the rest of the site? I have played around with fonts in the past so perhaps I have something that is causing an issue from before?

  6. eden baylee

    I've never been so excited about changing fonts! I'm rebuilding my site on and your video was incredibly helpful. Thank you for your fabulous instruction. Subscribed and liked!

  7. Floor Martens

    Thanks for video but when I try to find the site title it does not appear. I am using Zerif lite and want to have the font Roboto everywhere. Can you help me with this? And when it comes to colors. It doesn't let me change all the texts in the color I want in all the segments of the website.

  8. Tom Montier

    Hi Jackson,
    Thanks for this tutorial! I did everything you told but for some reason the one and only font that I picked on Google Fonts can't be find on the "Font Family" scrolling menu of Easy Google Fonts. Do you have any idea why? The font I'm looking for is called "Spectral".

  9. Rash N

    Hi Jakson, this tutorial is almost exactly what I am trying to do. I want to change the text color of my top menu bar – About Me, Home etc . My theme – Hueman, does not allow me to change the text color but allows to change the background. Using your method I tried to decipher the element that I need to create the new Font Control for, which in my case is '.nav li a' but there is additional code after the '.nav li a' part in brackets. Question is should I just use '.nav li a' in class or use '.nav li a {}' for class selection ?
    I would very much appreciate your help as I have spent days trying to figure this out 🙁

  10. Kathrin Schönberg

    Thank you so much! Your video finally helped me to use the plugin and change the fonts on my wordpress theme. I'm a total newbie and you helped me so much.

  11. Engaging Muscles

    Clear and simple. Thanks for making this so easy to understand and implement, Jakson. Super helpful and much appreciated!

  12. abhinav uniyal

    Hi Jakson, this is great stuff and you made it look so easy. Well explained and detailed. I browsed many videos and yours was extremely simple for novice like me. Thank you so much, i will try it all soon

  13. Chuck Johnson

    Excellent Video! I was able to change the font, line height, and letter spacing using this! Exactly what I was trying to find out. Bizarrely, I could not change the font color or font size for some reason.