How to Start A Blog in 90 Minutes! Divi WordPress Theme Tutorial

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Here is the accompanying blog post to this video:

Hi! I’m Melissa and I created this step-by-step tutorial to help you start your brand new blog or online business. Not knowing how to use wordpress or set up a website keeps many people feeling stuck or afraid to launch their great idea for a blog/online business.

IMPORTANT: The PAUSE button will be your best friend for this tutorial video. I do go through the steps quite quickly, so I recommend clicking the pause button after each step – then completing the step and press play and continue to the next step.

Also, this tutorial is meant to familiarize you with wordpress and the divi theme so that you get practice and start feeling comfortable with designing your own site. If you don’t know exactly how you want your site to look yet, I recommend following along with me and creating the demo site on your new site for practice.

Custom CSS Snippets I used in this video – be sure to copy them in their entirety.

1) To Remove the thin grey line under the menu bar in Divi:

/* Remove the line below the normal Divi menu */
box-shadow: none !important;

/* Add this, too, if you want to remove the
shadow underneath the fixed Divi navigation bar */
box-shadow: none !important;

2) To Remove the thin grey line between the main section and sidebar in Divi:

.container:before background-color:transparent !important;
.et_pb_widget_area_right border-left:0 !important;
.et_pb_widget_area_left border-right:0 !important;

3) To add space between menu items in Divi:

padding-right: 175px !important;

margin-left: 175px !important;

I wish you all the best with your new website!

Instagram: @melissaalexandria01

Have A Beautiful Day!

25 Responses

  1. Tiia Nyirongo

    This video has absolutely SAVED me!!!! It was so easy to understand and follow along. I had a purchased child theme with the worst instructions of how to customize it – your video was the most helpful thing in being able to edit and customize. I saved elements from the child theme that I liked and saved to my library and then added in to your design/instructions. My website is looking AMAZING thanks to you 🙂 I'm still woking on it but the home page is pretty much done –

  2. kendra anderson

    This was an excellent video I really got a lot of good information out of it I think you. This year Coming year I plan to live my best life thank you

  3. Kreemerz

    Dreamweaver and Muse are much better. Using theme modules for building websites is for children. Lol.

  4. Laura Christina Warren

    Very nice, Melissa, but the from the title I thought it would be more about blog settings (sidebar widgets, customizing blog posts, grids, elements, comment sections, etc.). This is more about just setting up a website. Maybe you could be more precise in your title.

  5. Karl Shifflett

    Melissa, you are an incredibly gifted speaker and teacher. I went and watch more of your videos. May God continue to bless you for teaching, mentoring, and encouraging others.

    Love and respect, Karl

  6. Heidi von Weitzer

    Hello Melissa. Thank you for your video. Can you make a Canva tutorial video, please? Also, I tried to get in contact with you and I am wondering if you have not received my emails? Please let me know. Thanks again and I have a great weekend.

  7. Aaron Villanueva

    Thank you so much for making this vid! It's absolutely PERFECT, and you're a wonderful teacher! My site is turning out to be just as I imagined thanks to your help!

  8. Eka

    Hey, do someone know if there is a good tutorial somewhere that is explaining how to create post and also how to categorise the written things? It would be really nice if someone could help 🙂 I finished the site completly and would love to start to write but I have no idea how it is working and how to make the posts to be in the right category and to pin it on the right spot. Thank you!

  9. Heidi von Weitzer

    I am a total newbie. I was able to follow with pauses and notes until I came to the "just be glad font".
    I can't find it. Can you help, please? Thank you so much for the video, even as a newbie I can follow.

  10. Ann Djukic

    Hey Melissa,
    For some reason when I use your custom CSS to remove the header line I am losing my logo too. Any way to fix this??? Loving this demo tho, so helpful!!

  11. Eva Bouw

    Thank you so much Melissa. This tutorial was super helpful and I am so glad to finally have found such a diverse theme. It is well worth the investment. I previously created a website with a free tryout theme, but I had to pay for future updates and I wasn't completely satisfied. I have been considering this divi theme for a while now and finally made the decision because you were there to help out! Hopefully you can help out with some more tutorials. For example, I wanted to create a contact form but it doesn't seem to work, so I hope you could show us how to get this working. I would also like to know how to set up a payment system for selling your own (online) books and meditations. Also, your voice is so easy to listen to! Thanks again.

  12. Rock Lodge

    Lots of good tips for a newbie following your example without assuming prior knowledge like many tutorials do,  leaving us lost.  Thanks for posting this.