How to Setup StudioPress Genesis Metro Child Theme Guide

This video tutorial will walk you through the setup and configuration of the Metro Child Theme for the Genesis Framework. I walk you through accessing the setup instructions, importing the XML file, configuring the WordPress header, primary navigation bar, secondary navigation bar, and more.

This is part of the First Website Video Training series located at . This video was split into two parts for your viewing convenience.

Part 2 of this video is located:


12 Responses

  1. Daniel Gennaro

    Great job! thanks for all the help. I recently bought the Magazine Pro Theme and i'm having trouble because there's not tutorials for it, but i'm thinking about getting the Metro theme now that you have these helpful videos!

  2. Suraj Kulkarni

    Scott its really very helpful video. Just one question, how can we increase the width of the layout in metro pro theme.

  3. Ahmed Musawir

    I love it !! This is the way to get a video training done! I urge new ppl trying to make videos and creating garbage to watch this to learn how it's really done!! Thanx.

  4. Excel Solutions Asia

    Scott, great video. I noticed however in the demo, the widget titles e.g. Feature Story are above that divider line and yet in your video it is aligned centre with the divider lines each side of the text. Is there a setting for this?

  5. Gaspard Mestrot

    hi, nice tuto i still have a problem, after creating my an another page which contain specific article, the page juste show all the article one after an another and don't organized them like on the home page. do you how to set the organisation for specific page?

  6. Ay Kay

    Would it be possible to add a full-width photo slider for this theme? How would one go bout doing it? I ask because the right sidebar seems to start very high up.