How To Setup A WordPress Website With Astra Pro

Learn how to setup a WordPress website using the Astra theme. This is by far the easiest theme to use, and it is so powerful. It’s the theme that I use on my websites.

Astra Link:

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This video covers a lot of things including:
– Install theme
– Install child theme
– Install plugins
– Go over other options

Let me know what you think.

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21 Responses

  1. Eric Strickland

    Here is his question: Hi everyone!!

    Does anyone know how I could configure breadcrumbs this way: home> page> post, instead of home> category> post?? Is there any plugin??


    On the page that comes up with Astra there is a tab for customizer and another for Edit with Elementor. Which should I use; how & when? If you have a video on this please let me know. Thank You.

  3. Giri Raj Shaktawat

    Hey, I want to use the Astra free with a slider instead of the homepage image. How can I do that? Is there a plugin I can use?

  4. EPHS

    Hi Adam. How much of the Astra and Astra Pro elements are being replaced by Elementor Pro? It seems that there is a growing deal of overlap of features.

  5. N-Tutorials PLUS

    Bro, i have made my own webites fully with elementor free version but i have a problem with blog ….would you help me !!!! i used blog plugin its works but i can't remove the link in my post ? either read more when i click on it it goes in my default theme post ?
    would u help me sir ?

  6. Jack Rawlins

    The Astra theme I want to use says it requires Beaver Builder. I prefer to use Elementor. Will it work or cause problems?


    Hi Adam; I love your videos and have watched quite a few. In this video I did not understand the point of a baby theme. You explained how to do it very well I just didn't get why. Thank You. Forgive me if this is a stupid question I am new at all this.

  8. Stitching in Colour

    Adam, this is a great video. Astra sounds fantastic! Literally, the stuff of my dreams. But will it work on a DIY blog that features long-form content and plenty of images? And if so, will the Pro version be enough?

  9. Nabeel Imdad

    Hello WPCrafter I just wanted to ask that I know how to use the plugins and themes to make a custom website but I dont know the PHP, Basically I started to learn PHP but I found it over whelming. But I know the front end development. Can I start a freelancing career without PHP?
    Waiting for your response. 🙂

  10. Clod Richard

    I have two questions
    First. Astra Pro addon is a builder ? I mean why not to import Astra Pro builder without Elementor or Beaver ? Why there is no astra sites to import for astra Pro users (without Elementor ans Beaver) ? When I am building a site, it is better to stick with only Astra Pro features for not having speed issues or some other possible unknown issues ?

    Elementor Pro already have an anywhere feature like in Beaver ?