How to Remove Virus/Malware from Hacked WordPress Website for FREE using WordFence Plugin Tutorial

How to Remove Virus/Malware from Hacked WordPress Website for FREE using WordFence Plugin Tutorial. Learn how to Fix and Clean up a Hacked Website. Remove Unwanted Ads from Website like rogueads.unwanted_ads wp-vcd.php, wp-feed.php and wp-tmp.php…

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24 Responses

  1. HARSHAD Chauhan

    Hi Nayyar Shaikh
    , i did the same step as you said few files fixed but few of the files it shows malicious code when i clicked view differences but when i download the file there is no malicious code found and i couldnt delete anything how is that.possible.. but it is still showing in wordfence scan …

  2. Mohit Nagar

    Before editing files from cpanel make sure to take backup of the website because sometime it may delete your necessary files and your website will crash.
    I personally experience this.

  3. Moses Prince

    Hi nayyar, thanks for the great work you are doing. You videos are super awesome. I was requesting if possible you create a video on how to make an order tracking page with aftership plugin.

  4. Anjali Singh

    Hello sir, i need your urgent help..plz mention how to contact u…i have created a website with hlp of your videos bt stucked in some problem…plz tell me how to contact u.

  5. Ayoade Joshua

    Hello sir…I'm a fan of your and I'll be grateful if you can do tutorial about revo theme's little tricky..

    ..much love!

  6. Chto Zaviduyesh

    hello! I want to sell digital goods on my website. Lot of people recommend easy digital downloads. Can you recommend a good theme for it? Or do you recommend something else? I could not find tutorial on that on your channel. If you have it, could you please tell the name of video? Appreciate your reply! I subscribed!

  7. Pallab

    Hi, Nayyar, I've requested you earlier to make a how to tutorial video on making a tour booking website. I'm in need of that on a urgent basis. If possible please make it available next week using all free tools but very responsive. Thanks