How To Make a WordPress Website – UPDATED!

Learn how to create a website step by step with no step skipped. Why make your website just ok, when you can have an amazing WordPress website? This is the updated version of my most popular tutorial with over 5 million views. The new version has an entire new visual website builder to make it easy to make a desktop and mobile friendly website. This is the best I have ever done and I will show you how in about 2 hours.

You can build your website with a mac, pc or anything else. Have fun!

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Intro 00:00:00
Sign Up For Hosting 00:09:12
Install WordPress 00:18:01
Sign In 00:21:20
Change Password 00:22:07
Reset WordPress 00:22:37
Delete All Plugins 00:23:53
Edit Permalinks 00:26:25
Install Update 00:27:56
Install Theme 00:28:43
Delete Sample Page 00:31:01
Add Pages 00:31:32
Navigation 00:32:43
Title & Tagline 00:38:39
Setup Homepage 00:40:01
Get Elementor 00:42:40
Setup Fonts 00:43:48
Import Website Pages 00:47:15
Create Home Page 00:48:51
Make Home Page Mobile Friendly 01:08:17
Create About Page 01:13:46
Build Our Work Page 01:21:53
Make Services Page 01:26:34
Create Contact Page 01:37:28
Make Your Logo 01:43:21
Add Buttons To Navigation 01:46:08
Add CSS Extra Credit 01:52:00
Create Footer 02:01:47
Logout 02:12:14

28 Responses

  1. chelseazz

    Hi. I have downloaded the contact form like you showed but when I try to send the message it won’t show in my email. Could you mind help me with this please. Thank you

  2. Harry Wright

    Hey there Tyler! I'm having a little trouble, I followed the 2017 version of this tutorial and now I need to add a few new pages to my site. The 2017 method no longer works so I tried switching to Elementor from Beaver Builder (I switched beaver builder off) it knocked out my website and made it look terrible. What should I do? rebuild the whole thing to use elementor? I mean it looks a lot better from your video. Or is there a way to do it without starting from scratch?

  3. Eduardo Mera

    Hi, Tyler, I follow your tut well, thanks a lot. But the full images in 3 of 5 pages disappears, only show text, can you help me about it, please. Have a good day.

  4. manny zmen

    Great tutorial Thank you so much. I almost creat my web with no experience. As I start building it few days later I can't be able to access my admin login to edit the content. It say ERROR 504-GATEWAY TIMEOUT. can you plz help me out?

  5. H Harry

    If I make a full website for desktop in desktop mode and publish it
    for mobile version mode if i just edit the desktop version into mobile version website just by clicking desktop mode into mobile mode
    … then
    it can happen for mobile version is different look and desktop version is different can it possible ???????????


  6. edwardju1010

    Great tutorial! One question: Did you use Elementor Paid Version in this tutorial? I can't find either CSS Classes or Link Relationship when customizing menu

  7. Max Rojtman

    This is a wonderful video, and it’s made life a bunch easier THANKYOU! For some reason elementor is only working on the home page? The edit with elementor button disappears when I click another page… any suggestions?

  8. H Harry

    Hey I didn't get this ocean wp theam when I search in search bar 😟What I do

  9. MaiWei

    I wish I could like this more. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
    I've been struggling to figure out a good theme and your tutorial has helped make my site look CLEAN. Much appreciated, friend. =D

  10. BookingProm Services

    Fantastic, I had tried many times without result ,know I hav watched this video twice and it plays on my laptop while I work on the pc. but I missing the static page and after spending 2 hours with hostgator chat I didn't fix it. it was active just for few minutes , then all the work get vissible again the links they gave me come up with error mesage, I couldn't see the steps in the video , could you please help? friendly Nelly

  11. Larry Sabo

    Thanks for such a terrific tutorial! Now, if I could just get my Tagline to display. 🙂 Still learning. Keep up the excellent work!

  12. Stephen Christo

    Hey Tyler, I just want to say "Thank You", for doing such an amazing job in creating this video. The information and steps you've provided was very thorough.I have just bought my domain name and hosting, and with all the videos I've seen out there on YouTube and elsewhere, I will be using your video as a guide to help build my website. I feel confident after watching your video that I will be able to build my website to a satisfactory level. If you have other videos on advance customization for wordpress websites I would love to see it, if not, I hope you would consider creating some. Thank you again for sharing your talent and time, I really appreciate it and I look forward to seeing more of your awesome videos.

  13. conlingua

    Helo world,

    Tyler, thanks a lot for this short longer class about word press and all the tips. It was really necessary for years ago and was never good time to learn untill start to see your video. I could not stop and do it at same time.

    I´m having a terrible problem at the moment of "pages, home, "activate to full page " the Elementor.
    I only have Elementor in an area of my site to use. Is there any problem using another WordPress in other language then English?

    Pls, I will be very glad for the help. After see what Elementor is able to , It is really no more options for me to builder a website in other way.