How To Make a WordPress Website | Blog 2017 – WP Tutorial

In this video I’m going to show you How to Make a WordPress Website in 2017. The demo website that I build in this video gets a 99% Google PageSpeed Insights Score and a 100% PingDom Tools Score.

For this demonstration I use my Custom Made Premium WordPress Theme called EVO Pro WP

If you want to learn How To Create a Website, watch this WordPress Tutorial.

Table of Contents:

3:47 Google PageSpeed Results
3:55 Deleting the Demo Site
4:23 cPanel for database and files
4:47 WordPress File Manager
5:00 Website Down
5:12 Buying a Domain Name & Hosting
7:53 Using Installatron to Install WordPress
10:26 Logging into WordPress
10:48 The WordPress Dashboard
11:33 WordPress Settings
13:00 WordPress User Profile
14:03 Deleting Sample Content
16:29 Getting EVO Pro WordPress Theme
17:24 Installing EVO Pro WP Theme
18:53 EVO Pro Documentation
20:33 Updating your User Profile
21:00 Uploading Pictures
22:38 Where I get Pictures from
23:12 Installing WordPress Plugins
25:24 WordPress Plugins Overview
27:41 EWWW Image Optimizer
29:01 Gravity Forms
29:53 Gravity Forms Premium Addons
30:22 Envira Gallery
30:47 Soliloquy Slider
30:59 BackupBuddy
31:10 ithemes security pro
32:16 WordFence
33:09 Yoast SEO
33:37 .htaccess file
34:57 WP Fastest Cache
35:27 Autoptimize
36:00 WP Smush
36:34 Main Slider
37:35 Image Gallery
38:42 Creating Pages
40:44 Static Front Page & Blog Page
41:04 Main Menu and Social Menu
41:56 Blog Posts
44:27 Frontpage Widgets
46:57 Frontpage first look
47:06 WordPress Customizer
47:33 Blog Roll Page Layout
49:50 Another Look at the FrontPage
51:08 Image Optimization Trick
54:23 Call To Action Section
55:21 Slider for Blog Roll Page
56:30 Mobile Testing the Website
57:34 Final Walk Through
59:37 Performance Testing

I also use various Plugins, some are free and others are premium WordPress Plugins that add additional functionality, security, performance and styling.

This video is great for those who are Beginners to WordPress and even Advanced WordPress users.

Some people say that WordPress doesn’t perform well since it’s such a large piece of software. In this video, I prove that you can have a highly stylized website powered by WordPress and displaying multiple images and still do well with some of the most important Website Testing Tools like Google PageSpeed Insights and PingDom Tools.

This video will show you how to make a WordPress Website or Blog.

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  1. Jay K

    Can you please share a link to the code to add to the .htaccess file?

  2. ruben bad

    great video. one thing missing where the snippets code you add? i cant find it on your site… can you please share it