How to Make a WordPress Website – 2019 – NEW++

Learn how to make a wordpress website for free step by step with no coding or programming.
Demo website:
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Text tutorial:

7:35 – Step 1: Register Domain and Get Hosting
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12:43 – Step #2: Go to Email

13:12 – Step #3: Log into CPanel

13: 23 – Step #4: Install WordPress 🙂

14:55 – Step #5: Log into WordPress Website

16:00 – Step #6: Install WordPress Website Theme (sydney)

17:55 – Step #7: Install WordPress Child Theme

How to Make a WordPress Website For Free 2017

20:00 – Step #8: Install WordPress Plugins

21:50 – Step #9: Install Other WordPress Website Plugins

How to Make a WordPress Website For Free 2017

27:30 – Step #10: Download Zip File with Demo Content

How to Make a WordPress Website For Free 2017

28:16 – Step #11: Upload Files

30:50 – Step #12: Learn how to make wordpress homepage/blogpage

35:35 – Step #13: Create and Edit WordPress Slider

41:48 – Step #14: Modify WordPress Settings

49:37 – Step #15: Add Custom CSS

51:26 – Step #16: Create Logo and Favicon

57:37 – Step #17: Modify Permalinks

1:00:07 – Step #18: Customize WordPress Homepage

1:00:44 – Step #19: Make About Section

1:11:57 – Step #20: Create Call to Action Section

1:27:51 – Step #21: Create Blog Section

1:30:13 – Step #22: Create Call to Action

1:35:39 – Step #23: Create Social Media Widget Section

1:43:41 – Step #24: Learn how to make About Page

2:01:08 – Step #25: Learn how to build Team Page

2:19:49 – Step #26: Create Gallery Page

2:29:05 – Step #27: Make Contact Page

2:42:13 – Step #28: Create Testimonial Page

3:01:49 – Step #29: Create Blog Posts
I screwed up around 3:05:00 and repeated myself multiple times because I didn’t edit out the outtakes. I’m sorry about that.

3:08:08 – Step #30: Select Comment Options

3:15:23 – Step #31: Customize Sidebar

3:21:27 – Step #32: Translate WordPress Website

3:34:05 – Step #33: Make Header Menu

3:40:12 – Step #34: Modify WordPress Footer

3:42:46 – Step #35: Publish WordPress Website

Hi everyone!
It’s Jameson from NYC TECH CLUB and we are BACK! with an updated version of our most popular tutorial on wordpress using the sydney theme!

If your goal is to learn how to build a professional wordpress website or create a custom website with on your own and save thousands of dollars this is the video tutorial for you.

In this video, I will show you how to use wordpress to make a free wordpress website and you will not need to know how to code or program. I promise this is the easiest tutorial to follow that shows you everything from beginning to end.

I’ll show you how to create wordpress pages, a blog page, a homepage with call to actions and a free logo. I always enjoy making these videos because it gives me a chance to teach someone how to make a wordpress website for free.

So if you want to create a website using wordpress, look no further. This is the website tutorial for you. Give the video a thumbs up and subscribe if you enjoy the video 🙂

This is our newest and most improved and updated video on how to make a wordpress website for free. More details to come but for now, please enjoy this video on learning how to build your own wordpress website.

Let us know what you create with wordpress!

More to come soon…!

24 Responses

  1. Yoga, Travel & Wellness

    Jameson (or anyone), help please? FontAwesome has upgraded and added a bunch of new icons. I'd like to change one of my service icons on homepage (, but when I copy the selected icon code, it won't work. Maybe I need to upgrade Font Awesome from 4 to 5? Is this my issue? If so, I can't figure out how to do it. On Font Awesome page, I clicked "Get started with 5," and was instructed to add some code into "the <head> of each template or page where I want to use Font Awesome." So where exactly do I add that code? What I want is to change the icon for "Yoga" service from a heart to an Om symbol. THANK YOU!

  2. Kala Baskaran

    Hi,thank you for the Sydney tutorial. recently I am having issues on my Sydney website.I have been using a plugin – smart form in  WP and recently it is NOT working in mobile phones.can u please guide me

  3. snipersquad100

    The service icon dont work as described in this toroial any more as the linked site has changed, Any ideas how to change this? Thanks

  4. no

    Hello NYC Tech Club I can not see certain icons under my dashboard:services, client, contact, testimonial, and employees? Please help

  5. Roxanne Jones

    I'm so happy that i'm done with my site…thanks for being so clear in your directions…..i know i'm finished, but i cant close it….its telling me to configure my analytics….this is the first time i made a website, and it took me months because i had to learn a lot of terminilogy…..i really hope you can help me…..i also bought some software that will allow me to track my customers all over the world…and they have a map on the software to tell me visually where the customer is coming from. plus two other soft wares…one is a squeeze page one, and one that can schedule my posts…..can you please tell me how to connect these soft wares to my site and how to make my site go live? please….thanks in advance

  6. alkhidmat foundation

    Services, Employees etc are not displayed in sydney theme although i have installed the relivent plugin. pagebuilder tab deos not display in editing a page through page bulider.

  7. Ralph James

    Thank you for your tutorial. How do I create services for my website without the "services" tab on my dashboard in Word Press? The default setting does not include "services"

  8. Trent Smith

    How do i fix this ? When i try to change the footer copy right i get this (Unable to communicate back with site to check for fatal errors, so the PHP change was reverted. You will need to upload your PHP file change by some other means, such as by using SFTP)

  9. gecsus

    NYC TECH CLUB I have enjoyed your tutorials. Thank you. Job well done.

    I have a couple of issues. The added CSS for the transparent background around the Call to Action area doesn't do anything. It's the same for the icons. Can't seem to get the icons to show. site address:

  10. Juan Carlos Romero

    Hi, i made my web site following all the steps in your tutorials (2 years agos), but now with the new updates i think there are some widgets or plugins that don't work anymore. I just want to say that my web is a mess now and you have so many tutorials that i don't find the right one, i mean, the latest one to "repair" my website and make it work properly again. Thank you for redirecting me to some updated tutorial. Your adress: doesn't work at all, it doesn't link to anywhere.

  11. Spin SavoryAndSweet

    Thank you so much for creating this video!! I have hit a snag though. On my WooCommerce settings tab in WordPress I do not see a "Checkout" tab. I have "General", "Products", "Shipping", "Payments", "Accounts & Privacy", "Emails", "Integration" and "Advanced". My tabs are different than yours. Any idea why? Thanks!

  12. Eric Velazquez

    Hi, I’m at 1:00:00 and there’s a privacy policy page on my end. What should I do with it? it’s not on the video as I’m following along. Can someone please help.

  13. Nanners Thompson

    for adding services logos with FA cheat sheet I can get 2 of the 3 logos. I've tried using different logs and nothing will publish. What is going on?

  14. Rosabelle Illes

    Hey Jameson, how do you make the blog page look like what you have in the video? not the blog posts pages but the blog page itself with summaries of all the blogs. the new version has larger pictures, my blog page still has the small thumbnails layout and super huge title font