How To Make A WordPress Website 2018

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Learn how to make a wordpress website in this wordpress tutorial! In this wordpress tutorial, ill show you how to make a wordpress website from scratch with no experience required! What can you expect to learn in this tutorial? If you have wanted to create a website with no coding, than this is the tutorial for you! I use a free wordpress theme in this video and also the new elementor page builder which as been increasing in popularity of the year. So after you watch this, you can expect to learn how to build a website and also master the new elementor page builder! Make sure to check these links below

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You can also download the demo images here to help follow along in this wordpress tutorial:
07:17 – Get Hosting And Domain
15:53 – Install WordPress Theme
19:33 Creating Pages For Website
20:56 Creating A Menu
23:38 – Page Settings For Page Builder
25:26 Designing A Page
1:13:12 Free Resources For Your Website
1:08:22 Video Background Section
1:16:44 Creating A Split Screen
1:30:55 Image Carousel
1:36:45 Footer Widgets
1:44:47 Text Shadow Instructions
1:46:19 Pro Features
1:58:46 Creating The About Us Page
2:07:45 Bar Counters
2:12:08 Creating the PARALLAX Effect
2:14:50 Shape Dividers
2:20:40 Meet The Team Section
2:23:00 Testimonials
2:29:33 Getting A Logo
2:32:28 Creating A Transparent Menu And Styles
2:34:16 Video And Image Light Box Features
2:36:50 Creating The Blog
2:51:45 Quick Quiz
2:54:35 Mobile Optimization
3:10:45 Creating A Contact Page
3:35:35 Importing And Exporting Layouts
3:31:55 Closing And Resources

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33 Responses

  1. Darrel Wilson

    Lets get to 500 likes! Make sure to push the THUMBS UP! Again, let me know your experiences in the comments below. I do my best to get to all!

  2. nudrat sophie

    Hi Darrel, Thanks for Million Dollar Video, i have 1 question , in every section you was using text and heading for titles and description, if we were not linking the headline, so why choose text and heading, we can enlarge the font to be heading size, is there any benefit, using headline for headings ( just a layman question ) please reply thanks

  3. sp pro

    Ok, so for me, at the 25:24 mark in this video, once I verify the result, I see no menu.
    At the time of me watching this tutorial, OceanWP AND WordPress are different looking.
    For exemple, the Menu option portion of the OceanWP Settings, is no longuer part of the Header tab.
    You have a Menu tab now in the Settings.
    Then, if like me at this point you do not see your menu appear on your page,
    in Appearance > Menus, make sure you checked Main in the Menu Settings at the bottom.
    In the video, unless I'm mistaking, Darrel show us to tick Main and footer for exemple,
    but for some odd reason, all tick got unticked.
    Hope this help anyone.
    Thank you.

  4. Jennifer Herrington

    Thank You so very much for your amazing tutorials!!! I just purchased elementor pro. I'm actually enjoying the process of creating my website now & excited to have the extra features that come with the pro version. I'm an absolute newbie to creating websites, have no tech experience & I highly recommend your video's & elementor to anyone trying to create a website with no experience!

  5. T Tgf

    Hello Darrel! I love your videos, and you have helped me a lot! Unfortunately I did not know about you before I bought a theme. It wont work with Elementor, and its an absolute head ache. But its beautiful:

    Is it somehow possible to take with me or get the sort-posts-by-categories feature on my site, if I take away my paid for theme?
    Grateful new wp newbie.

  6. Asfandyar Ali

    Hey Darrel. Thank you for the awesome video. It's amazing. It might be a dumb question as i'm a newbie, can you please guide me how may I keep my header section static? Like, if i scroll down the page, i want header section to be freeze so that user could see all the header buttons along with the logo. Much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

  7. Aris Pipis

    Thank you for the great video! I have the following question and it is likely that others will follow 🙂
    Why did you choose the OceanWP theme instead of the twenty seventeen?

  8. Tanmay Shah

    I am facing issues with putting Image or a video in the background of the templet that you have suggested! They are not getting in.

  9. kas whi

    i wasn't able to watch the whole thing. how can I make this a single-page website? I want to be able to click the menu pages tabs and it scroll down to different sections.

  10. Nicolas Ruf

    Hi Darell, my website is up and running – thanks so much for the tuto – except for one thing; when I try to Elementor-edit my blog page, I stumble upon the following issue: "“Sorry, the content area was not found on your page. You must call “the_content” function in the current template, in order for Elementor to work on this page.”
    I tried to get some info on the internet with no avail. Can you help out ?

  11. tranvyanna

    Hi Darrel, thanks for the tutorial. I've been following along and doing well except now my Publish button on Elementor has disappeared and I can't seem to see my changes. I can only save or update. Any help would be great!

  12. rafi abdoulal

    Thank you for this beautiful video, but i have question! when i finish everything in Design can i write my Copyright ? or should it be the same * wp ocean ?

  13. Joseph Sliwa

    I have a domain & hosting through hostgator. I was following another tutorial but I can't seem to download images from his site…so I would like to start your tutorial now.

  14. Paul Choh

    FANTASTIC VIDEO! I have a question:

    So I changed my background from your "Welcome The The Revolution" section to a beautiful 4K aquatic life video, but it takes a long time to load… do you know why that is? Is there a way to fix it? I changed it back to a regular picture for now, but I would like to use a video instead of a picture. Thank you!

  15. Richard Borders

    Great tutorial! I saw in your real estate tutorial that you use TMD Hosting. I was wondering if it is better than Siteground?

  16. AndyDOHD1

    Thanks for the tutorial. I've been browsing ThemeForest for inspiration and seen a few themes I'd like to try to emulate, one being Is it possible to do this within Elementor itself, with OceanWP or isn't it possible? I'm new to WP/Elemetor and just installed the free version. Thanks.

  17. Wayne Bamford

    I cant go any further than 1:1700. I try to put a new section in and it does exactly what it did before like I mentioned in my 1st message. (It has a blocked message and goes pink to prevent me) Its bad this! Sure you do it to get people to buy PRO version! Tell me I'm wrong? I bet you won't message back. That's the 3rd time now I've had to delete and start again. I did exactly what you told me.

  18. Roberta Laliberte

    Hi Darell, I just recently installed Astra, from tesseract. It is also a full width capable theme. Do you think I will still be able to follow along your tutorial? I really don't want to change it over again, I was worried the first time as I dont want to break my site.

  19. Wayne Bamford

    Hi Darrel, I am having a problem where I am following you and I try to move a text block on to page but it comes up with a blocked sign. I am stuck, Is this because I have too much stuff on the page or a bug in the theme? I had everything sorted and just filling last bits. Took me about a week to fill. Then I couldn't go any further. I have had to restart everything. Any ideas why it did this?

  20. Ramakrishna Agarrwal

    Hi Darrel, thanks for this awesome video, I am making my website based on your video, but in the process the footer disappeared, the design I made is lost and I am unable to figure out how to get it back, can you please help