How To Make a WordPress Website – 2017 – SIMPLE!

Learn how to make a WordPress website in 2017.
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In this video, I will teach you how to make a WordPress website for 2017 in just 30 minutes or less. This is a STEP by STEP walkthrough, without a single step skipped.

I will teach you everything from how to get a domain name, to signing up for web hosting, to installing WordPress, to finally getting started with and how to use WordPress to customize a beautiful website or blog.

*If you have ANY questions or need help, leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out*

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38 Responses

  1. Michael Gibson

    Hi. When I put through the domain name I am in new Zealand so need a domain.
    Do I just choose the .co one as this is the only option? Can you get a domain with bluehost?

  2. Robert Stalets

    Are you available for hire ? I have been playing with this and just wonder how afforable it might be to have someone like you just build it for me with the plug in s etc I want I do the content and pictures you do the rest ????

  3. Tokom Nyori

    How to make web apps like facebook by using wordpress? Please reply soon because i have a plan.

  4. Dirk Buchmann

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  5. Ali's Veterinary Wisdom

    thanks its nice explanation.

    can i use GoDaddy hosting for WordPress? i prefer because of customer care service they provided and i have account with them. please suggest further

  6. Niyas Muhammed

    sir, in my website,there is no option for tools,appearance,etc,,that type menus. website is build ed by one team,the hand over me that user id and password.
    i need to add a navigation bar to that site. what i do for that.. can u help me,

  7. mwogan1

    I have found WordPress to be very user-unfriendly, but with your straight-talking steps to do things, sounds like it will make it so easy to start another site.  Thanks a great deal.

  8. dali cherif

    thank you for this video , it help me alot . but i discovered this software for how want to create there own website for E-Business and i make 700$ per week with that software and its FREE

  9. Kevin Cruz

    OMG you taught me a lot I mean that honestly. I was watching a lot videos with no real guidance so thanks you. If you the person who made the video reads this I a have a question. Thanks again

  10. Soete & Williams

    I have been wachting your tutorial ons for sometime,your tips are rally helpful.I have already a websites but am thinking of making a new 0ne Thatcher totally custom made.what are your tips for beginners.

  11. Kathi M

    Thank you, all the info out there is overwhelming but after watching your video I think I can get started.

  12. Lisa Lofton

    Thanks to your step-by-step instructions I set up a blog site today. Had a few hiccups, but called tech support and they were very kind and VERY patient. Need to tinker with it a bit more to get desired look – Appearance. But Again, thanks to your tutorial I think that will be an easy fix. Thanks much!

  13. Apase Ade

    Great resource for starters. Willing to work with you. Does this goes for creating blog?

  14. Retroid for Retro Gaming

    thanks man
    this is the best tutorial for the beginners in wordpress
    i never know the difference between wordpresscom and other hosting like bluhost untill i saw this video

  15. Carlo Urquhart

    With online bus. Web store tutorial, video plugs? I found vid helpful, learning about website building and design.