How to Make a WordPress Website 2017 – Blog, Portfolio, Ecommerce – Any Website

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If you’re looking for a tutorial on how to make a wordpress website – you’ve come to the right place. It’s 2017 and having a website is becoming increasingly important. Lucky for us, the WordPress platform allows us to make a website in less than 30 minutes and this WordPress tutorial for beginners teaches you how to set everything up step by step.

It doesn’t matter what type of website you wanna make, whether you want to make a WordPress blog, a portfolio website or an ecommerce website – it can all be done in a few simple steps.

If you’re having trouble setting things up or have any other enquiries you can email me or add me on Skype, i’ll be happy to help you. I’m active most of the time 🙂

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01:41 – What you’re going to need.
04:12 – Get a domain name and hosting
06:23 – Install WordPress
08:19 – Choose a theme
10:58 – Customize your website

Some questions that i usually get:

– What kind of websites can i build?
There are themes for almost any kind of website. People usually want to make a blog, a portfolio, an ecommerce site, a musician’s site or a business website.

– How to make a blog?
This video is your answer, it’s going to teach you how to make a wordpress blog or any other type of site.

– Will you help me set everything up?
Yes, but you’re going to need to have an idea of what your website is going to look like. Theme and picture choices should also be made by you 🙂

Need theme suggestions? Just tell me what you need and i’ll send you some links!

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  1. MA - Make a Website

    Guys, if you want me to help you set up your website or want feedback, feel free to contact me! You can find my Skype in the description. If you found this video helpful – hit the like button 🙂

  2. Mac Dolf Aquino

    Hello guys! I need help with my site. Currently I have main menus on my site….What I want to achieve is that when visitors goes to my blog page / post page, another sub menu appears. Post that will appear will be based on the "submenu" chosen by the visitor. Please help me. TIA 🙂

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  4. BMo Kickz

    Hello! So the total cost of the website was only $4.95 a month??? or do you have to pay more for wordpress

  5. Gillian Hanson

    I've always wanted to start my blog but i always thought it's really difficult. Thanks for such a simple tutorial!!!

  6. Kara Albert

    Hi, i'd like to sell my photography on my website, would it be possible to do with a WordPress website?

  7. Weis John

    it's so amazing that i found your video! Recently the
    person who managed my website decided to quit so i thought of making a
    website myself.

  8. neke

    one thing i love about Bluehost is their support, i've contacted them several times and they always answer very quickly