How To Make A WordPress Website

Learn how to make your own website with WordPress!

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  1. John Tyler

    Hi James, Really good one.. thank you for educating me … can you please help me with a small issue — Every time I add a new project and publish – it shows posted by admin with date and time…… can you please suggest how do i remove posted by admin comment..
    For example : POSTED 04/12/2018 ADMIN something as follows
    Please suggest/advise me

  2. Olga Das Neves

    Great video James. I enjoyed and I was able to made my website. However, I would like to know how to diminish the space between a header and text. Thanks a lot!!!

  3. Emma Page

    I prefer building from scratch. Have been building websites for many years using TemplateToaster website builder and totally satisfied with the results I get.

  4. yourfitday

    Hi James,
    I'm so happy I found you. You make this so easy. I just started building a website for my friend's construction business. I'm at the part of downloading your media packet, but when I click on download I get a 'Oops! That page can’t be found.' message. If I used my own images, how do I know what size they should be? Can I take pics on my iphone and then save them onto my computer and just upload from my PC? Will they be the correct sizing?
    Please let me know how to access the media pack. It would be lovely to use some of your images if possible.
    Thanks for all your hard work and tutorials.
    I'm a builder of bodies. I never thought I'd be a builder of websites!!
    DebbyK 🙂

  5. Breezing Panda

    Thanks to your tutorial here I managed to build my own website using the help of the themes from Templatemonster It is a really great way to build awesome websites fast. The guys from there also sent a great promocode: m6qvxsbfqyo969av44x94wsr0 It is a 10% discount on future purchases there. Maybe you will find in interesting to you too, good luck 😉

  6. Timanator

    Thanks for the video James! Do you know if we can use the pictures in the tutorial on our own site?

  7. Nikola Sirovica

    this is too complicated…i just want to make a simple blog that looks nice…all these video tutorials assume you are trying to sell something or have an online business. I don't need a logo, i don't need a testimonials page….just a blog. why is this so difficult

  8. Hüseyin Usta

    i am so thankful for this video!. It was so easy to make and well explained!. I had absolut no knowledge in building a website, but now i made my own and i really really like it!. Thank you verry much.

  9. B-Hustle TV

    What sevices and projects did you use for your plug-in because i did everything the exact same way at first same on my iMac but the only problem was my services and projects can you please help me..?

    Thank you

  10. Big Wanda Knows

    Where is the configure link for Yoast. I downloaded and installed and followed your directions. My version does not a configure option.

  11. Kim Sonntag

    Great tutorial, thanks! One question, how can i make the header slider mobile responsive? It becomes too big on iPad and mobile.

  12. Ali Moslemi

    Is free Sydney theme compatible with woocommerce? Has anyone create an ecommerce website with free Sydney theme?

  13. Robert Ondere

    You are amazing! I got to create my first WordPress website from just listening and following your instructions. Take note: I had never used WordPress before. CONGRATULATIONS !

  14. Avijit Panda

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    Good luck… Hurry up….

  15. walkenfan

    This is such a great tutorial; I'm going through it step-by-step to make my own website. I have a question I hope you would help me with: I am going to upload a video at the end of which I would like to embed a call to action button (so the viewer clicks on the video clip); is this possible? Thank you very much.

  16. Best Price

    There are a few tutorials like this but I found this one to be the easiest to follow. My site is completed and its beautiful. I'm now researching advanced SEO and also how to format high resolution pictures because my business is insurance so I need slider pictures consistent with my industry.

  17. Lynn Gulley

    James, thank you for all your amazing tutorials! Question – do you have a favorite recommendation with one of your tutorials for creating an online store using WordPress? I'd really appreciate your recommendation. Thank you!!!

  18. Doug Lee

    Hello.  Great video.  I have watched it a couple of times and am confident it will look great.  Thank you. Is there a way to put thumbs up/down icon like there is on facebook probably in the footer

  19. Yvonne jay

    So you're saying i'll have to wait a couple of hours until i can actually find my domain in the server?

  20. Coral Laroc

    I only have one service. Is there any way of making it central instead of aligned to the left or right?

  21. kokan katta

    spent whole day to create my website while watching your video. thanks a lot sir. please can you tell me how to add blog posts on the home page. how to do that ?

  22. Kaiizer

    Quick question, as i am a bit confused. Once i paid the 100$ for an entire year on hostgator, do i still have to pay the premium package for wordpress? or is the 100$ on hostgator the only amount of money ill pay for an entire year.


  23. Coral Laroc

    I could add my YT videos to my blog, however, i'm concerned about the space/memory takes up. Should I be? Thanks

  24. Digital Bedouins

    Hi James,
    I have searched EVERYWHERE, no one could answer this simple question:
    How can we make the header slider mobile responsive ? The title is too big on mobile, I have tried various CSS codes and none work
    Thanks !!

  25. Joshy Joy

    I love your videos. Do you have any Tutorial on creating Membership website using wordpress for allow clients and customers to create their own profile.

  26. Life got Creative

    hi james, I am using your video to make a blog. I am totally useless on IT stuff so you are a great help. I am using the Pashmina theme in wordpress, but every page has this pre-set data about addresses and contact numbers which I have no idea how to get rid off? can you help..thanks!!!

  27. elmedia 8

    What is James Stafford? It can't be a person because the voices and accents are different (Amercian and English and the American one is annoying as hell (a cultural thing I guess) but wonder if this is the marketing tools of corporations now, to make punters believe they are communicating with a personality when in actual fact, they're just voices of wage slaves with a photo of god only knows who. However, the tutorials have been very helpful and I'm very grateful for them. Thank you.