How To Make A Membership Website with WordPress 2018 – MemberPress Tutorial

Learn how to create a membership website with wordpress! You can charge your members on a monthly basis! You can get the plugin here:

The membership plugin allows you to make a membership website with no expeirnce! You can restrcit content on certain parts of your wordpress website for people who havent purchased certain memberships.

With this membership you can do key features:
-Create Tiers For Your Memberships
-Charge Your Members On a Monthly Or Recurring Basis
-Let Members upgrade or downgrade their memberships
-Send Reminder Emails regarding credit cards

Thanks for watching this tutorial on a membership website with WordPress. For more tutorials like this or to learn how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at http:///

38 Responses

  1. The Odds Breakers

    HI Darrel, I love this tutorial. Can I manually add members with this plugin to access some paid for content? The reason I ask is because I also sell memberships on other sites using other methods (like Patreon) yet I want them to have access to my content without also being billed by this plugin. Thanks!

  2. Kurt Olson

    Nice video. Thanks for making it. I have a "Newbie" question: Do I build my website first then add MemberPress plug to it and customize it OR do I first have plug in installed? Also do you recommend any themes that work well with this plug in? Thank!

  3. Anonymous

    I am REALLY struggling with trying to decide between memberpress and woo membership/subscriptions. I know you say memberpress is the way to go, but with the products being only $10 on woomill I am seriously torn. I have watched your tutorials and feel like your video on woo memberships seemed super easy and user friendly… are there any other reasons you would recommend memberpress over woo?

  4. Jansher Khan

    I purchased elementor pro but I face 1 big problem. I design elementor form with file upload field. when someone write in form and upload the file in safari browser it will gonna fine but when fill all fields and didn't upload file option it will show an error only in safari and the file upload field is not required. can you please fix this problem you are a big WordPress developer so fix this.

  5. Dillon Jacobs

    Hi Darrel, thanks so much for the video, when i install memberpress i do not get the populated pages? please could you assist.

  6. 1234kingconan

    Is it possible to have a members-only page, the way you have it here, but using a free plugin like Paid Memberships Pro? I don't want to intermingle or show premium content in a blog, I want to have the premium page content in a separate page or pages the way you have it here. I am just on a budget for my first business and don't want to spend the money on the nicer membership plugin right now.

  7. Andy Bradley

    Aside from a membership that grants access to member only pages on a website, is there anything that I could use that could grant users access to a particular page with a one time payment as a lower cost alternative to a full membership? Nice tutorial BTW, Thanks for all your help.

  8. Artistry Solution

    Hello,, you have nice videos. I have a question. If i want my user after login gets different messages from us, how is this possible. Suppose if a user register, and then we want to send them a confirmation code and only they can find it after login. is this possible? different user will get different codes. hope you will give a help.

  9. Mr. Korotana

    it would be great if we saw a working end product as opposed to leaving it the way you did, so disappointed as i cant see the end result of your hard work

  10. Aaditya Singhania

    Well too much of work to be done and maintenance is the worst part to be honest. The video is amazing and gives a full fledged information. But if you are someone, who wants to concentrate more on his business and don't want to handle any tech glitches in your webpage and marketing problems, just like me then I would suggest you to hire proficients. Amongst all other I hired, I rely on: Must visit. It helped me a lot.

  11. Anthony Rilling

    I can't figure out how to create individual account pages for each member that corresponds to their membership level. I know that there is a general "Account" page where someone can edit their info, but I need there to be an "Account" page for each membership level. I also know that I can create a rule where a specific member can be redirected or have access to a specific page, but I need that page to be their account with all their settings… am I just missing something? Please help.

  12. Andrew Lavery

    Hi Everyone. I want to create a blog that allows people to view two blog posts before requiring them to either login or sign up for a membership. Is that possible with Memberpress? If not I was thinking of creating a Free membership option that only lasts for maybe a week and after that expire. If I do that would a user be able to sign up for free membership more than once? Thanks!!


    Use caution, I spent many days trying to set this up thru their support. NO RESULT, they could not find the problem that caused the entire system not to work. It was in the payment area and they could not find the problem,although Paul tried many times. I gave support Pay Pall access and wordpress sign in and they could still NOT fix the problem. I gave up, canceled the yearly support and am not using a very expensive, very very good membership company. I WOULD SAY NOT TO USE MEMBERPRESS.

  14. Libasse Diop

    is it possible to make the website multilingue? For example the info page changes language depending on your geographic region

  15. Pranitha Chandra

    Hi, Darrel could you please tell me how to develop Account, log in, Thank you, Our Prices, The bronze section, and the bronze membership. In account page how to develop home, subscriptions, payments, log out and the sidebar. Thank you.

  16. Robert Michon

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  17. MerlinWorld

    I'm not working for them but I am tempted to try a similar WP plugin called Magic Members because the price are similar ($100 for 1 site and $200 for unlimited sites) but the difference is that unlike Memberpress here, with Magic Members it's jsut a ONE TIME FEE while with Memberpress, you pay that amount year after year.

    For developers like us, if you design 10 membership sites then you could charge your clients that $100/yr fee for a total of $1,000 but you can put this in your pocket instead of sending them to Memberpress.

    Just my 2 cents.

  18. aizuyahka valebia

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  19. Amabelle Cesar

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  20. Nathan NATURE FOREX

    Do you have tutorial for Bitcoin membership?
    Because mostly of my clients was using Bitcoin and they don't like to use paypal and credit card anymore

  21. Alessandro Gao

    Hi Darrel, which theme would you recommend for a snack subscription box business? I was looking at Soho – Clean Multi-Purpose and Kodax by Theme Conan but I wanted to ask you before purchasing one of those