How To Make A Divi Child Theme – Divi Child Theme Tutorial

You can get the plugin here:

*You Must Have The Divi Theme Installed Before Creating Your Child Theme*

If you want to create your own divi child theme and export it along with your demo content, css, menu settings, blog post, and other features, than this tutorial will help you do that! This is a new plugin created by monterey premier and this new plugin called jedi enables you to export your divi child theme

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17 Responses

  1. O. Ferdinand

    Hi darrel, really great tut!
    May i ask how you replaced the menu icon? It looks quite bigger then the default menu icon of Divi

  2. Sandra Neitzke

    What CSS do I put in the editor and where do I find this CSS? If I activate the child theme does it deactivate my parent theme? If I do some editing in the child theme how does it get added to my parent theme?

  3. Mike Blue Media

    So……I have been building out my web/blog site and I have been using Divi and also have made a Divi Child theme. After researching more and more it seems that the EXTRA theme would better suit my needs and layout and functionality I am looking for. Do I have options? Do I make a new Child theme with EXTRA? I notice when go to preview for the new theme I see Some of my custom settings(font, color,menu items) are showing up, yet some are not. Thank you for your awesome videos and I hope someone could give me some guidance on this latest quest!

  4. Jacob Thomas

    My client wants a Divi site but doesn't want to take down the current (non-Divi) site. I just uploaded Divi to their themes but haven't activated it yet nor created the website in Divi. Is there a way I can create a Divi Website without taking down their non-Divi theme first?

  5. Hridoy Varaby

    hey, can I use this plugin for other themes? Or Is it The DIVI only? If so, what plugin can i use for other theme?

  6. Wayne Duwa

    thanks for all your training so far, please do training on how to design church website with professional theme and adding chat room, membership registration. thanks again

  7. Prince Jamal Minhas

    This seems really useful – I have one question!

    Let's say I create my Divi child-theme and have the plan on selling it to a customer… Do the customer who buys it need the J.E.D.I Pro plugin in order to import the purchased child-theme?

  8. Yukiko Tsurumura

    Hi, Darrel. Thank you for the great video again:) I have some web designs I made with Divi. I'll try to sell them on my website. Thanks again

  9. Jihad Al Razqi

    Do you have a tutorial of how you built that layout on your video? Or do you have that layout available for purchase or download?

  10. Aj Allen

    Looks good, except for the fact that the $50 is annually. I much prefer plugins that are a one off payment.