How To Fix Your Hacked WordPress Site Using Sucuri

WordPress site hacking is happening at an alarming rate.
Even this site is constantly being attacked by unscrupulous people all over the world. Each attacker with their own motive.
One of the toughest things about getting hacked is trying to figure out how to undo the damage and trying to get back to normal.

This tutorial will explain how to remove your malware using the Sucuri WordPress plugin.

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  1. joeleviente

    Hey dude, thanks so much for the video! It would be rally helpful for me… but I think I'm doing something wrong. I got an email from my wordfence scanner telling me it had found malware. Ran the site through on the sucuri site check website, and it also flagged up loads. Installed Sucuri plug in, and it found the same issues plus a bunch of modified core files. Sucuri plugin can't replace the core files, but wordfence tells me it has cleaned everything up and can't find any more problems. The sucuri site check website also doesn't find any problems. But, the sucuri plugin still flags up all the same problems. I followed your instructions in this video (after doing literally every backup I could find lol), and phpmyadmin didn't find any of the payloads in the database… but the plugin still flags them up. Any ideas?