How To Fix Hacked WordPress Site – Step by Step

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How To Fix Hacked WordPress Site – Step by Step

Learning how to fix a hacked WordPress site is an essential skill for any WordPress user. I know it may be scary at first, but the process is pretty simple and fast. The best part is you can turn what you learn in this tutorial into a service that you provide to your current and future clients.

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9 Responses

  1. electronzapdotcom

    I think I am going to start backing up my files more often lol. Learned a lot though, thanks! If you run into a roadblock for coming up with new video ideas, I think you could get some good mileage out of basic programming videos so that people recognize gibberish versus normal programming. I know just enough to understand what you were saying in the video but would have been lost completely if I hadn't studied programming the tiny bit that I have lol.

  2. Harshit Tripathi

    Hello sir, there is a tech YouTuber in India named Hitesh Kumar (Channel Name: Technical Dost). I have created a gift for him and now I want to present it to him but I am unable to contact him, I have tried everywhere but still I can't contact him. Can you please help me to contact him as you are also a YouTuber and you can contact him easily. Can you please do this for me, please.

  3. MaxVideoGame

    Whoops sorry for I'm late to comment well….. nevermind not so important but i didn't get notified 🙁 🙂