How To Create A WordPress Child Theme SUPER EASY!!!

How-to Create WordPress Child Theme Easily
More Info:

In this video, I will show you How to create a WordPress Child Theme
and why it is very essential to create one. Hope you enjoy the video.
This is the easiest method to create a Child Theme.

Update – I have a newly updated video for 2017, Please go check that out as well

00:07 – Introduction
00:28 – Why do we need a Child Theme?
02:21 – How to create a Child theme
02:45 – Installing One-Click Child Theme
03:39 – Customizing the Child theme

Thank you for watching and Have a great day!

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43 Responses

  1. Big Discount

    I've website which design by other person now when I try to activate new theme there is all content shown on new theme home page and merge all the front look of page. How I fix it to lose without my other pages and post… ???

  2. Tech Catchers- Latest Tech News

    Just a suggestion: Please make video faster by 1.25x. It will make videos shorter and also more people will watch your videos as they prefer shorter videos for such content and ultimately they ain't gonna bored. 🙁

  3. Zombie Eats

    I was wondering. What if I install the Child Theme AFTER making customizations to the parent theme? Would the changes I make be lost when I update the theme?

    So do I have to install child theme BEFORE making and code changes?

  4. digitalsketchguy

    Interested to know how you explain the child theme concept to clients without degrading the perceived value that you are offering them as a designer developer.

  5. J.E. Warren

    After watching several of your video's, I've come to the conclusion that the best page building setup is probably a combination of Elementor Pro and Beaver Builder Pro.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    I want to be able to build ready made themes for blogs and drop shipping stores for myself and my family. I think it would be a grand way to replace our existing income with a dropshipping store and a blog. With hard work (and our family is into that if we understand the how-to part) I figure that we should be able to achieve a replacement of our income… enough to pay the bills and maybe go out to a movie when there is something worth watching.

    But to my question : What Plugins would you recommend to do these things? We want to use both Aliexpress (for dropshipping) and Amazon (for books and movies etc; but most likely using affilliate links for amazon as hey… nobody is going to buy from us if we raise the prices amazon is already charging, right?)

    So… What would be the easiest way for a non techie to build the blogs and the stores…in such a way that other non techies could (with perhaps a bit of a walk through) be set up and ready to write/podcast/sell etc. within an hour or so at most (assuming I've already created the template and just need to copy paste the data to get everything set up for them once its uploaded??

    I notice that Elementor tends to output json files, and I'm still clueless as to how I'm supposed to use those on other people's sites.

    But I digress. … First principals…. what do we need? What would be nice? Don't hold back from recommending the best of the best of everything…all the bells and whistles.

    I expect this will all cost about $1,000 to make happen, right?

  6. Diego Buriti

    Upon install the Child Theme plugin I immediately received this error.
    Warning: file_get_contents(/home/julim160/public_html/wp-content/themes/child-theme/css/typicons.css): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/julim160/public_html/wp-content/themes/TESSERACT/inc/beaver-builder-modules/link-button/link-button-module.php on line 93

  7. LeuvieOne

    Hi Adam, great video, thanks, but I have some questions.
    So I have a parent theme and a child theme. There are two theme's now.
    Which one do I have to use now to make my defenite website? Do I have to use them both.
    When making changes into the Child theme, is the parent theme automaticaly getting synchronized? Or d'ont I have to work with the parent theme anymore. Is the Child theme the only theme that I have to use now. Please help me out, thanks in advance Adam.


    Thank you man. I was scratching my head since days trying to figure out how the hell do i do this, You are the best among the other who has uploaded videos about creating child themes. Thanks once again man. I'm gonna subscribe to your channel.

  9. Zueiiro Gamer

    Hello man, how are u doing?
    I like your videos so much, but i'm with a little problem. I Like the theme 'Ascension', but i can't find a way to edit the copyright credits, so i tried to make a child theme, but this theme is already a child theme, then i receive the message that i can't create a child theme because it's already a child theme. I have already liked this theme so much, there is another way for my problem?
    The main theme 'Primer' is not what i'm looking for :/

  10. 김재성

    I'm almost baby when it comes to this wordpress thing, but could understand just by following what you showed on the video. Thanks a lot man from South Korea.

  11. Ramon Smith

    Thanks! so if I create a child theme and also modify my footer.php file, how do I also include that php file in my new child theme?

  12. Robert B

    Easy question for a new guy to WordPress: Is the child theme in someway connected to the parent theme? Thanks for this video. Subscribed.

  13. Troy Grech

    Hi there, Thanks so much for helpful tutorial. I noticed that you have another video using the "Tesseract theme" which is what I am using. However every time I try and make a child theme I get an error. Do you know how I could successfully create the Child theme? I am also using "Beaver Builder".

  14. SportsRom101

    MENU stop responding on all mobile devices Since i changed to tesseract child theme. when i press the menu in preview it say "undefined". Any help will be great

  15. Media Man

    This Video is a no-brainer. Thanks so much for making it so EASY. I am using the Themify ULTRA Theme, and it was a breeze.