How To Create A WordPress Child Theme in 4 Minutes Learn how to create a child theme in the easiest, fastest way possible.

With a child theme you can safely make customizations to your WordPress website, knowing that when a theme developer updates the theme, your customizations are safe and will not be overwritten.


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50 Responses

  1. Владимир Р.

    SOry for my English =))

    Хотелось бы узнать, как можно создать дочернюю тему без плагина. PHP я немного знаю, думаю справлюсь. Хотя для моего сайта ( ) это делать уже поздно, потому что я внес слишком много изменений в основную тему.

    I'd like to know how could I create a childe theme without the plugin. I know PHP a little bit, but I think I would done with it.
    But also I think that it's to late to create the child theme for my site ( ) becouse of I already have change the main theme to much.

  2. Ellie Day

    Thank you so much! I was following another video involving getting into the theme's code and it was giving me a headache! SO much easier 😀

  3. Matt

    Note, if you use 'Custom Twitter Feeds' (a separate plug in) you'll need to deactivate it before installing Child Themify, or it will break your site. I learned the hard way. Support for CT says they can't be both active at the same time.

  4. Glen England

    Help me understand something since I'm so green. Are the changes you would typically make to a theme such as adding pages, and menus, and plugin's, etc best done in a child theme or is the child theme actually for css customizations and such?

  5. shahadat khan sherani

    Thank you so much very simple method really great vedio for me How can make my child thems i m Ad-sanse mythemshop using but zip file not avileble plz help need zip file or not


    Many thanks! Was having trouble in creating child theme..i was seeing blank page when creating child theme..But this saves my life 😀

  7. Edward Wainwright

    So If I want another store front site, and the same layout, I can load this child theme I just generated and the the modifications will be applied?

  8. Bill Gargan

    Katrinah; If I have a DIVI themed website and it's been developed pretty far along. Can I make it into a Child Theme and continue as normal other than not losing my CSS and other tuning?


    Bill Gargan

  9. Dion M

    Excellent video – I have one question for Katrinah:

    I’m using the theme “kadence theme” and would like to know if I can change my
    current theme for the “Sidney theme” and make a child theme. Do I have to make
    a child theme of Sidney before to change the current theme?  The key question is how do I do this without take the risk to lose my current site layout? Or if it is possible can you make
    another video to address the situation for us?
    Thanks so much,

  10. Alex Newell

    You have shown the easy part – installing the plugin but it looks like you then have to supply css and how do we do that without being coders?

  11. Gloria Soto

    So glad I found your channel! I just started working on my first website and find myself stuck. I'm currently checking out your videos! Thanks for the great content!

  12. Emma Page

    Are you a fan of wordpress theme framework? if yes, which framework you recommend? I'm using TemplateToaster for creating a wordpress theme.

  13. SeanInTheCity

    Great vid! My question is, how do I then incorporate updates when developer releases updates to their theme?

  14. Romain Mounerat

    I have been looking for nearly one month to create a child-theme the simplest way, and I finally found it here ! Thanks a lot 🙂

  15. LeMans Robinson

    So when a theme is update the header and footer php files are not changed? Some of my client websites, I had to modify the header and footer. From this video it seems only the style.css is created for the child theme.