How to create a Divi Child theme

How to create a Divi Child theme.

In this video, I am going to show you how to create a Divi child theme. Creating a Divi child theme is very simple, just go to and fill in the details as shown in the video.

Divi child theme is important because it prevents your files from being overwritten.


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25 Responses

  1. Jaz Jablonski

    Thanks for the video but since I am new at this, how do I install this new child theme in a subdomain of my active site so I can make changes to it but not affect my main site? Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. Gianfranco Masi

    Hi Mak, the child build page works but, when I try to use my own child theme, a Fatal error occurred if I try to open DIVI> >Theme Option Page in my web site… so… I don't know!!! Any suggestion? Thank you!

  3. Sandra Neitzke

    What CSS do I put in the editor and where do I find this CSS? If I activate the child theme does it deactivate my parent theme? If I do some editing in the child theme how does it get added to my parent theme?

  4. rashers

    Thanks for the video, first time doing a child theme, couldn't have been more straight forward.

  5. Iggy 1911

    Hi Mak…Thanks for this and all awesome tutorials..i really like to watching them..Can you please help me with one issue ?..Currently working on 4 websites at a same time and on one i missed to upload a child theme at a start…Is it possible to upload it later, then modify something ?..i like to upload a Child theme before updating a WordPress because of coding errors…Thanks in advance and kind regards…

  6. Michał Droździk

    What about other files? For example if I modify functions.php, page.php or other, do I just put them into child theme folder to make sure it's not overwritten by an Divi update?


    I have done just like you said, BUT i cant see any "edit" bottom, how can import my css in there? or import my divi child into wordpress please


    Hi Mak, agian thanks a lot for the good service!

    I have tried now to make my childtheme as you show it. BUT it just crashed my website ? it shows alot of other social media icons + some wirld icons, instead the "burger menu" ? and I do not have the "edit" option on wordpress. please help

    How can i fix it please?

    The website looks like this now :

  9. Geoffrey Ritcher

    Hi Mak. Once a create the Divi child theme and then activate it will my existing divi theme website be transferred over completley?

  10. Geoffrey Ritcher

    Hi, in the video you don't appear to activate the child theme. Once I have followed your comprehensive and easy to follow instructions do I simple activate the child theme?

  11. BVKER

    with one of the latest Divi updates my child theme stopped working. How can i fix this?

  12. Javier Arévalo

    hi, so instead of putting code on : wordpress menu: divi: theme options–custom css, i need to paste it on appereance editor? does this child theme works also like a back up theme thing in case somthing happens? im new at this as you may see. will be gladly if someone could clear this doubts to me. thank for your great videos btw. you have been very helpful!

  13. Styledigitale TV

    Does this method work also to create a child theme for the blog (ref. Divi blog post How to Add Custom Templates and Design to Divi’s Blog Post Formats)?