How to add an XML Site Map to WordPress – Tutorial 2017

Having an XML Site Map on your WordPress site will help the Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo index your site and help them understand what pages (URLs) you have, when they were updated last and how each URL relates to another.

It’s a good idea to have a n XML Site Map on your website and with WordPress it’s a breeze with to do with a plugin.

In this WordPress tutorial I’ll show you how – the tutorial is a little over 5 mins because I’ve explained a lot of the settings, but in reality it should take you around 1 minute as “Google XML Sitemaps” can installed, activated and live in exactly 3 clicks!

Google XML Sitemaps plugin is here on the WordPress Plugin Directory:

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26 Responses

  1. Mike Ransby

    Thanks Jakson! Very useful!
    It is amazing how easy it is, once you know it 🙂

    Keep up the good work! I will follow from now on!


  2. Lee Townsend

    Thanks for sharing Jakson! I have used this plugin in the past and found it to help my SEO attempts more than some SEO plugins. One thing I would say is that if you are running a blog and trying to get search engine attention through your posts, you could change the "Frequency" setting to "Daily" or "Weekly" for your posts. Another good way to tell Google that your site's priority is blog posts is to change the "Priorities" section. Set Homepage to 0.6 and Posts to 1.0. Of course, this is only if you're writing articles frequently.

  3. Ana Fernandez

    This is a very helpful video but I sure wish you would interact with your commentators as they ask some great questions that some of us would be interested in the answers on. Do you have a different preferred mode of interacting? (Thanks again)