How MalCare Can Fix Hacked WordPress Sites Automatically + Other Features

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How MalCare Can Fix Hacked WordPress Sites Automatically + Other Features

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If you need to fix hacked WordPress sites, or you want to protect yourself in the event of a hack, having a full site backup is always the best.

But when new client’s come along with hacked sites, they usually don’t have a backup.

In that event, you should try MalCare first.

There is a good chance that MalCare will be able to clean up the hacked site automatically and within a few minutes.

Once the hack is clean you can use MalCare to create scheduled backups, monitor uptime, monitor site performance and more.

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  1. seo info

    sir i'm simply upload simple html css templates on my server. when enter url in google ERROR 403 – FORBIDDEN
    message show.

    no database, no heavy code simple html css templates why this type of message showing any solution. seoandinfo. com this is my site. plz help

  2. mohammed zaaroura

    Thank you i always find the solution here 😁
    And i have a question sir
    How can i make an amazon website without API and free plugin ?!?????! If it's possible

  3. Master Art Mason

    I tried it out and i am NOT impressed. 2 days after install they send me an email my site has been hacked. OK, it is certainly possible, I have been hacked before and have done the removal manually. So I go to their website were they do not supply ANY information on the hack OTHER then you need to pay us. This to me is suspicious and questionable ethics. I will keep using webarx. Thanks for the video!

  4. Faster Jay

    Hi, I like the fact that your links aren’t affiliate related so I know that your opinion isn’t biased. But I wouldn’t be mad if you had a coupon code for malcare and you got a commission. Your videos have helped me out more than once and you definitely deserved to be compensated for your time. As a YouTube content creator myself. I know how long and difficult each of these videos that you create are. Thanks for the upload.

  5. Jawaad Ali Shah

    Mr. Bjorn you look stunning with your new look. I was watching your old videos from two years or so but in between, I was away from my pc but now I came back to learn more I analyze you are upgraded and again working perfectly. So best of luck keep giving us good information and Tips. Your fan, one out of so many, from Pakistan.

  6. Rubin Bekteshi

    Hello Bjorn, Since you did a review about it a few days ago, I was interested to know which is better, MalCare or WebARX Security and also some reasons why.

  7. J B

    Good news cheers.

    Hows about a vid on the best few INVOICING & recurring clients plugins, quotes, client area etc… free & paid?