Hacked: WordPress website redirects to spammy site? How to fix.

My WordPress website got hacked… When I began receiving messages from people letting me know I was confused: why didn’t I see what my visitors were seeing? Everything looked just fine to me. Of course, it wasn’t…

Simple malware makes it possible for visitors from a search engine to see a different version of your website to that which you see.

In this film we look at the redirect hack in action, hunt down the malware on the site, inspect the malicious code, and clean up after it.

Here’s a useful film by Allen Underwood – his site was hacked with base64-ofuscated code: nasty. Here’s how he tracked it down and cleaned it up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3I4WqCjNOds

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  1. Fan Page

    Dude, I'm using the same theme, and guess what, I have the same problem. Unfortunately, the redirect code isn't hiding in the same file as yours, still looking for it. Something tells me that our theme which wasnt updated for quite some time could be the reason why our websites were hacked.