Full WordPress SEO Tutorial

Free wordpress SEO tutorial for those who want to know how to get search traffic to their websites.

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  1. Kumar G

    Incredible stuff! That's what you guys are doing. I have stopped watching anyone else now. Every piece of your information is just amazing and super helpful. I feel, someone is finally making the correct advise. You both are knowledgeable and charming. I have an website, wondering if you would want to take look at it and make a video with your suggestions? Its http://www.moneyhealthpositive-affirmation.com. few points, I am still improving my writing on few pages, like about me and also the 2nd page and also the Home page. I had absolutely no idea of wordpress, or content writing, designing, not much money to invest at this point, even the images are free. I changed the themes 6 times in last 1.5 years and rewrote the 11 pages around 50 times. I am always to critical and want to make it super awesome. I think finally, i should be able to finish it by August end and then will create many more posts related to my site. Any suggestion would be inspiring.

  2. kenny jack

    Hi, i'm just curious all the time how to make money with those massive traffic that come to your website. Is it making money from google ads or affiliate or any other?

  3. HomeBizNetworks.com

    hey guys quick question, love the videos by the way. im a big believer in using fetch to google to ping articles after posting , but whats the best way to judge what my search engine rankings are like for my over all site, not just my blog posts. . are there any free tools to use.. thanks im currently building an artuurity web site. http://www.homebiznetworks.com

  4. Matze Karajanov

    hi you should check consolety, it's a WordPress Plugin that matches your published content with other users in the consolety network based on your titles, tags category and language of the post. Meaning you get rellevant backlinks based on your content all done for you by the consolety plugin. simply by googling for consolety. please reply any feedback

  5. hortihorteae

    I can't take it. I just need to comment here.

    You guys explanation is not appropriate. It just not right.

    For me who has try hard to find shinning objects to make income on internet, this video is awesome!

    You guys really combine all of SEO strategies I've read. Even on Neil Patel blog.

    Keep it up guys.

  6. anning ellie

    thank you for your help – is it best to get all your metadata and SEO done before submitting your site map or does it not matter

  7. David Elstob

    Using WordPress and Yoast, it's dead easy to set sitemaps up with Google Search Console. Plus use BlueHost and get a free SSL, combine that with CloudFlare free CDN, no need to pay extra for security and a content delivery network.

  8. World Bible Authority

    I love this channel! I am so glad I found this. Even though you dont give away all of your secrets, your free content you talk about is beyond helpful!! If only I would have found you guys a year ago, I would have saved so much money, probably would have made my site drastically different, and made more money.

    This channel is the only reason I haven’t given up on my website

  9. Yates Harrison

    Fantastic…starting these practices immediately on my sites! Love the "formula" for the content and the little sneaky tip about checking out competitors' popular posts.

  10. g money

    are you guys really into dirtbikes? were you into dirtbikes your whole lives? or are you looking for subjects that people are into and aggregating the information?

  11. MMA ZOOM

    Your tutorials are awesome… Very helpful to all begginers and the only thing they should do is to watch your videos… Keep up the good work

  12. Da Vinci Home LLC

    Thank you! I’ve been reading all the seo books and I’ve strongly suspected for quite sometime that it was all about content. And they will tell you that but still intimidate you with all the other. And I’m going to stop chasing the green light! New subscriber!

  13. Daniel

    but these backlinks which are organically created will help your site to become bigger, it's a circle. other people spent the time creating links not you, but it still benefits if that makes sense although it's nice to be in that position if you're writing good content etc.

  14. Mark Boron

    Watched several of your videos, big fan of you two! Keep up the great work. Your sincerity and candor is refreshing for this kind of stuff – makes you a source i know i can trust.

  15. w A v ∑

    Thanks for the great content! would love to watch a video about how you structure articles(sort of what you were talking about around 10:04 but more in depth).

  16. san lo

    If I had a website that i deleted a long time ago but just did a blog post on pretty much the same section from the website would that be duplicate content ?

  17. san lo

    Any tips on why my pages are dropping out of searches ? I use a real domain but I still use the WordPress server since that's what i use to blog.

  18. Pip & I

    Google is warning visitors of insecure sites (no ssl) by July 2018. This will hurt a niche site if visitors close the browser upon seeing this. Also interesting seeing you quote a study from backlinko but then you tell people to not worry about going after backlinks. Backlinko is all about chasing backlinks.