Enfold Theme Tutorial | WordPress Tutorial For Beginners

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In this Enfold Theme Tutorial I show you how to make a beautiful premium WordPress website from start to finish with the best selling theme Enfold: Even without any knowledge about making websites you can follow this tutorial easily! Enjoy!

Get a Domain name and Webhosting:

Enfold theme:

Permalink code:

Quick CSS:
div .logo top: 5px;
.responsive .logo img margin: 5px auto;

00:01 Welcome
00:07 Overview of the website we are going to make

Domain name and hosting
03:50 Get webhosting and a domain name
06:50 Get discount through the coupon code ‘FerdyKorp’

Hostgator Control Panel
08:05 Go to the control panel and login
09:40 Install WordPress on your webhosting

Configure WordPress
11:32 Login to WordPress
12:38 Change username password
13:46 Clean up your WordPress website
15:40 Create better permalinks for your website (SEO)

Building the website
17:02 Create some webpages
20:47 Order your pages in a menu and assign the menu
23:17 Make submenu’s in the menu

Get a premium theme for WordPress
24:37 Some examples of good websites
25:07 Go to wordpressking:com and get the Enfold theme
29:40 Download the Enfold theme
32:00 Install and activate the Enfold theme in WordPress

Enfold Theme options
33:00 Choosing frontpage and blogpage, add logo, favicon and Analytics
36:45 Install Google Analytics Dashboard plugin
38:41 General Layout: Width website, menu settings etc:

General styling
40:45 Change the look and feel, colours and use custom css
43:15 Change the menu
44:59 Change fonts on your website

Advanced styling
45:28 Change widget title size and h1, h3 and h3 and menu colors

Header settings
47:47 Change logo and menu positions, header settings, title/breadcrumb display and header behaviour
49:43 Edit the top header bar settings
50:58 Change the Transparency Option
51:57 Sidebar settings
52:42 Footer settings
54:00 Remove the ‘powered by Enfold’ text *UPDATE*
The best way to remove the text above is to go to The Footer settings in the Enfold theme settings, go to the Copyright text area and place [nolink] after the text: that removes the Enfold text:

Contact Form 7
55:40 Make a contact form and configure it

Edit Page Editor
56:45 Visual editor and text editor
58:58 Update page after pasting form code and refresh the contact page

Create a sidebar with widgets
1:00:41 Create a sidebar and add some widgets

Change menu settings
1:07:01 Change color settings of the menu

Edit Contact Page
1:07:56 Edit the Contact Page

Blog Page
1:08:58 Create post categories and add a new post with text, a video and a picture
1:10:55 Select a featured Image
1:12:35 Adjust your post with The Advanced Layout Editor
1:14:03 Add widget to blogposts
1:16:36 Headers and alinea’s
1:24:10 Change the blog layout
1:25:40 Expand the Advanced Layout Editor

Portfolio page
1:31:28 Create portfolio categories add a portfolio item and add a gallery to it
1:44:28 Configure the portfolio page

Footer Widgets
1:53:30 Add some footer widgets
About us, Facebook Like Box, Latest portfolio items, latest blog entries

Services page
1:59:28 Edit the services page

About me page
2:19:05 Edit the about me page

Home page
2:31:20 Edit the homepage

3:00:00 Congrats! You made a website!

28 Responses

  1. Alvaskins

    Hi Ferdy, not sure if you'll read this but how can I make a video portfolio page using links? Thanks!

  2. Abe Domifly

    Hello I am having a problem with the general styling on the theme. None of the changes are working. The color scheme stays green, the quick CSS doesn't work, and in the advance styling the h1 sizes do not work. Any idea what it could be?

  3. Abe Domifly

    This theme is not being installed. I keep trying to install the zip on wordpress and it keeps tell me to try again. WordPress Failure notice.

  4. Al'set Barnabi

    Hey Youtube – there's a tutorial for building a website where the guy is
    building a Beard grooming site. Can anyone help me find it? I got
    part way through building my site and now I cannot finish without the
    video. It is not in my history – I was not logged in at the time. =(

  5. Sebastian Glinšek

    Hei Ferdy, its a very nice and helpful video, I have a question :
    I saw there are my-web-page.space or .site domains, what difference does it make, its the SEO harder or why they r so cheap?

  6. Miki Spies

    Hello WordPressKing!

    Thank you for what you do. You are helping a lot of people. I love that! My daughter Sydney and I are spiritual care givers, out to raise the worlds energetic vibration. We have big plans and massive dreams to create a better society. We want to reach as many people as possible with our message.

    Building websites is not my forte. I hired someone from Bangladesh through Upwork to build my site. He works on America's time zone and we have a language barrier making our communication a bit frustrating.

    I am looking for an independent contractor here in the Netherlands (I am an American expat living in Zaandam). I want someone that can build sites, landing pages and affiliate pages that is trustworthy and can take our vision and run with it. I want this person/company to be a long term dynamic source for our company. I want someone that can help me increase my skill set along the way.

    You and your wife seem ideal. How do we proceed?

    Miki Spies

  7. Melanie O'Connor

    Ferdy, many thanks for this video tutorial. You explained things so easily and made it understandable. I have had the confidence to build and develop my own website. I would not have been able to do this without your tutorial.

  8. SilentSword

    getting this error for the install file Warning: POST Content-Length of 24180306 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0

  9. Devil Reaper

    you should use free theme or your own theme, im not interest on buying the theme, so i tutorials have became useless crap for even its useful

  10. Mieke Ceusters

    Ik heb ondertussen nog twee probleempjes ontdekt. Ik kan geen map toevoegen, ik krijg een melding dat er een probleem is. En masonry gallery staat de lijn display tiltle and caption er niet tussen, waardoor ik deze niet kan verwijderen. Zo krijg ik de foto's ook niet dicht op elkaar. Ik veronderstel dat ik dan de titels kan verwijderen, maar dat is dan weer minder goed naar google toe neem ik aan :-).