Elementor Page Builder Tutorial – How To Create A WordPress Website 2017

Take The WordPress Course With Elementor Here: https://www.udemy.com/how-to-make-a-wordpress-website-2017-elementor-builder/

In this udemy course, i go over how to make a wordpress website with the new elementor page builder. The elementor page builder allows for really easy drag and drop and copy and paste. this is a complete tutorial on the elementor page builder and makes it really simple and easy to create a wordpress website. The course is on udemy and also skillshare.

The course is free, the theme is also free, and the elementor page builder is free as well.

For more tutorials like this or to learn how to make a wordpress website from scratch, feel free to visit my website at http://www.darrelwilson.com

16 Responses

  1. aimanisme

    Hey Darrel, you have so much "How to make a website" videos on your channel, and some of it have the pre installed plugins like elementor etc. So which one should I watch as a start since your videos go way back. I'm a true beginner in this. Thanks.

  2. deniz kılıç

    hey Darrel I've been watching this tutorial and I'm half way there. I love the Elementor and your style of teaching but have two questions,
    I really like this theme, is this one convertable to ecommers?
    Is Elementor works the same way with all themes, on blogs and ecommers?

  3. Joel Cole

    Darrell, thanks for the tutorial. In some respects, I liked the tutorial in chunks on Udemy and in other respects, I liked your long tutorials on YouTube.

    Do you know of any list of WPthemes that work well with Elementor. Generate Press seems to work well but I may want to make a website with a different look than what I get with the Generate Press base.

  4. Ahmed Belabbas

    Hi guys ! I love you boy lool ! I'm french i don't understand very well english but how you speack i understant what do you means.

    I Have a question: What is better between divi vs Elementor ?

    Thanks !

  5. Constance Lovejoy

    Thx for offering the Udemy course for free! In the Q&A section we can't post our questions. We can only save them. Is there something you need to do to allow questions to be posted in the Udemy course.😅

  6. Mr. John

    Nice. You made your own course in Udemy. I started learning making websites in Udemy as well. Keep it up. See you there in your Udemy course.

  7. H Alnatsheh

    Thanks. You mentioned in the course that you would do another course for making E-Commerce website. We're waiting 🙂