Easy Digital Downloads Tutorial 2017

In this easy digital downloads wordpress tutorial, ill run you through how to setup the easy digital downloads plugin for wordpress. The EDD plugin for wordpress is really easy to use and much easier than woocommerce. If you are selling digital products for your wordpress website, i recommend using the easy digital downloads plugin for wordpress.

Free EDD Theme: https://wordpress.org/themes/edigital/
Premium EDD Theme: https://themeforest.net/item/marketify-digital-marketplace-wordpress-theme/6570786?ref=darrel03

TaxJar Documentation For Digital Downloads: http://blog.taxjar.com/sales-tax-digital-products/

For more tutorials like this and to learn how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at http://www.darrelwilson.com

42 Responses

  1. Darrel Wilson

    Welcome Back! Let me know how this plugin works for you, make sure to watch the Stripe and Recurring Plugin tutorial coming up soon!

  2. Yapile

    Hi – great video. I thought this was what I was looking for but was wrong. Would you be able to recommend a plug in for selling E-cards (greeting cards) meaning I am looking for the option to send the product (card) by email to the recipient. Any help would be great.

  3. Rod Gibson

    Thanks bro. How do you generate a link to the DL form page? Say I want to add a link on an Instagram post to download a file (free file). How do you go about that with EDD?? Thanks again man.

  4. Jaishay Doe

    I am using EDD recurring payment I got the error "You must be logged into an account to purchase" when trying to pay. Then I added registration and login before the payment. Now the payment works fine but the user is not added to the subscription list . Can you help me solve this.

  5. Onkanya B.

    Hi Darrel, thanks for great video.I have some question. I try to setting 2 currency such as
    Euro and Thai baht but it not working. It still one currency. Do you know? or How to do? or Have other plugin? please help me..Thank you very much.

  6. Deb Condo

    THANK YOU! This made my life so much easier after dealing with WooCommerce plugins not working on my site.

  7. The Blue Bells Chronicles

    This is the most helpful video I've yet found. When I got to the end of the process, it just didn't work. Further research tells me a business plan is required on wordpress for EDD to work.

  8. Digital Life

    Hey Darrel, I'm not a techie so I watched your video and followed the instructions. I am using the WP 2017 theme. I DO NOT see the product page. I have been trying to created a grid page like you mentioned but its not working for me. Any advise?

  9. Wrighty

    Hi Darrel, do you have a video on arranging download products in the shop in a certain order. I have 12 items per page, any help would be great, thanks, Terry.

  10. RockaKoala

    Yo' Darrel, 1st of all thanks for this video. My creator (who is also my web manager) wants to offer one of my songs for free to my audience, but I want to gather their email address so the d/l link is sent to their email address for d/l so I can store their email to contact them in the future for more releases, what do you recommend to do? Cheers mate! Rock On!!

  11. Bacaweb

    Hi Darrel, how you do to involve users, i mean, im a user i want to sign in and public any file to sell.

  12. Victor Galindo

    Great video thanks Darrel. Quick question, how do I upload a feature image (for my thumbnail) without having it shown as a background image?

  13. Libasse Diop

    Hi! Just two questions:
    1. Can I give it an amazonish layout?
    2. Is it possible to send a download link to the customer's email address?
    Also: does the download work on mobile also?

  14. hyradiel quisto

    Hi Darrel, is it possible that EDD have a funciton for Movie stream because I like my member can sell video stream to their individual account

  15. fitness1ststeps

    hi, is there a way for people to to click 1 button to download all items? I am selling an album and it seems people have to click every track to download rather than click to download all tracks as an album. Any help appreciated Thanks

  16. Noodler Guitars

    Hi. Can I use this plugin in conjunction with woocommerce? I sell mostly physical products but I would like to also sell digital ones.

  17. Anthony Junior Ikenwa

    Thanks for yourtutorial, very helpful indeed. Please can you do a tutorial on how to set up music selling store using EDD plugin, especially how to display play list and purchase button using EDD plugin, thanks

  18. Steady FastFaith Biyinzika Gates

    dear thanks for this great video, am asking, how can i make a download using this plugin from other site, when am just pasting a link from other site of the file i want to be downloaded on my site, pasting that link in the plugin, is it possible? thanks dear …..

  19. Lisa West

    Thank you Darrel for the info. Is there a step to making my downloads show up on my wordpress site? I see them when I view image from the downloads area but they don't show up on the site, nor do they add to cart when I buy. I feel like I haven't imported them into my website. Am I leaving something out?

  20. giligarden

    Thanks Darrel for the video, your information is very helpful.
    However after a few minutes I was completely puzzled by following your mouse which is always running around on the screen and is very shaky. Together with your VERY fast speaking it is hard to follow. If you do everything a bit slower you will have many more visitors, sure! Thanks anyway.