Divi Child Themes: How To Install Divi 3.0 Child Themes With WordPress – MUST WATCH!

In this divi theme tutorial, I will show you how to install a library of divii child themes which can save you hours of work. The divi child themes are very similar to then divi layouts but with added customization and easier to use.

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Divi Child Themes

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divi 3.0 elegant themes


21 Responses

  1. Deggie Monroy

    Great video I really enjoyed this info, I tried contacting you on your website and it gave me trouble at the end when I tried to leave a comment for your services-I will try again I want to go ahead with the child theme jasmin and wanted to use your code promo and your hosting suggestions- I will try again tomorrow to get in touch​ with you for your help thanks again!

  2. Yesi Gebre

    i am lost to why when I include a video on my wordpess sites the video doesn't pay on mobile devices

  3. Mark Boggs

    I'm starting to get the picture that I need a child theme to prevent any accidental loss of my site. This has caused me to have a serious amount of questions. I hope you don't mind if I cram them all into one post. If I have a current site that does not have a child theme but want to install a child theme of it how do I do that? If Divi does an update, does it update the parent or child theme? Would the parent theme be identical to the child or is the parent a stock Divi theme before any updates? How about after updates?

  4. Matt Simpson

    NICE!!! I've been using Siteground for YEARS. And I love them! I found them after having failed out of many others…. many many years ago. They are ROCK Solid!

  5. rocket singh

    hey Darrel thanks for such an amazing information can you make a video on correct way to export divi child theme after making it

  6. Mike Schorah

    I'd rather customize my child theme. This sounds like a good way to create a website that looks like everyone else's. NO THANK YOU

  7. Pimjai Srikam

    Hi Darrel, I bought Ultimate Blogger Toolkit – Child Theme but i can not install everytime I try to install it's said failed. I installed extra Theme as a parent theme, but when i try to install child theme it failed.

  8. Joey Hodges

    Hey Darrel, thanks for this tutorial! I've managed to tackle our website relaunch on my own (I'm not a web designer or developer) thanks to this video. Our CFO thanks you! 😉

  9. BelieveOutlet

    Good afternoon Darrel, I'm working on a deadline (site) for a client and purchased your Elegant Business Layout, but when I try to upload it as a theme, it displays an error message that the CSS Style Sheet is not detected in he theme I'm trying to upload. Can you please assist me. I've been trying at this upload for the last few days. I'm sure that you have a quick fix to this issue. Thanks, BerniE.

  10. Germán Asencio

    Wait so how does it work with updates? We would just update the Divi parent theme that has the API from Themeforest as we would do if we weren't using a Child Theme? And once we do this update we will benefit from the new changes in the child theme as well, right?

  11. jin hu

    Hey, Darrel, I was wondering if I buy child theme, will I able to use their specific functions or layout to another website? also will I able to add some sections and customize the child theme or just can edit text, images, and color???

  12. Kenny Berwager

    Isn't it as simple as duplicating DIVI theme via Themes folder in FTP to begin customizing and making your own Child Theme?