Divi 3 Tutorial: Add Child Theme – Video 5

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In video 05 of my continuing series on Divi 3.0, it is time to add a child theme. Using a plugin called Child Theme Configurator, I show how to setup a child theme and add custom CSS code to the child theme’s style.css

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13 Responses

  1. Shawntia Middleton

    A great video. Used Child Theme Configurator for one of my sites and my partner's site and it worked beautifully. All future Divi updates since creating child themes for both sites have not affected my customizations at all.

    Thank you!

  2. Ioannnify

    Hi, I followed all your steps, downloaded the plugin and activated it, however, when I go to Appearance, the Editor is not there. Can you please advise. thanks

  3. Ian Green

    Thanks for this – a very clear run through a very useful plug in, and It worked perfectly for me. It generated a much more robust child theme set up than I would have configured for myself via creating my own folders and files & FTPing to my site.

  4. Kenny Berwager

    Isn't creating a child theme the same as logging into the site via FTP and duplicating the theme you want to customize? Basically creating a duplicate copy of the theme? Just curious. I'm going to assume that there is some special thing that the plugin does I'm unaware of 🙂

  5. Mal Milligan

    Worked like a champ. Nice video – thanks. I've always done this manually until now. Wow that new Divi 3.0 stylesheet is 16,000 lines long. Biggest I've ever seen since 2007. I'm doing to deactivate the plugin now that I made the child theme. Cheers –

  6. Antonio Hernandez

    Almost worked, my side bars went out of whack .. Not sure if this had anything to do with it but i made an edit to the Integration section of Divi Options page. I added a code to ( Add code to the <hed> of your blog section. is there a folder that needs to be created in the child theme for this section ? I should also mention that i'm using plugins as well, do plugins work with child themes ?

  7. Antonio Hernandez

    Great Video, Question i have, just like you i already built my site and now want to create a child theme just in case something goes wrong with updates, I have woocommerce customization as well, would using this child theme creator take those changes ?

  8. Arvi

    Thank you so much. 🙂 Looking forward to more tutorials and tips e.g creating element above divi menu/header (language switcher) or creating divi custom footer. 🙂

  9. Goran Milic

    Hello, it is a great video. What I would like to know about this plugin is do you leave it there after you make a child theme or you deactivate plugin and delete it? What will happen if I make child theme and deactivate and remove plugin? What is your common procedure?

  10. Col Edwards

    Hi I am new to Wp and Divi. I have an update to Divi but it states Any customizations you have made to theme files will be lost. Please consider using child themes for modifications. Does this mean I will lose all the work I have done to my new website

  11. Kiara Ashanti

    question I thought the purpose of a child theme was so that you didnt have to redo all your custom work. But you had to redo your footer changes. And would just create your site and then turn it into a theme or do build the home page, save the theme, and then build?