Clean Hacked WordPress Sites – Step-by-Step

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Clean Hacked WordPress Sites – Step-by-Step

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To clean hacked WordPress sites is not difficult once you know the steps.First, call the host to get your site unsuspended. Next, backup all your site files (yes, the compromised files). Then, replace the core files with freshly downloaded WordPress files. After that, replace all of the plugins with fresh copies. Then check folders for suspicious files.

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9 Responses

  1. Alinouhou Alinouhou

    Hello please, it is the WordPress plugin for customizing the dashboard of my clients, ie when a client user connects to my site he accesses his dashboard, clear that I have personalized while she is this plugin there ?? I'm counting on you thanks for your videos

  2. John Mitchell

    Hi Bjorn…great Video, given that I use automatic backup software is it just as easy to reoplace the site from a backup?

  3. memathews

    Solid tips! Your video just saved me hours of cleanup drudgery. In the past I went through every file, now I see how I can shorten this. Thank you!!

  4. Minhaj Alam

    Thanks Bjorn for great video. It really helpful. Please make a video on how to protect our WordPress website from hacking or any type or malware.

  5. electronzapdotcom

    Just woke up, need caffeine, and am on my phone at the moment, will watch this whole video in a while, good stuff from what I seen so far 😀 . I don't really have any issues at the moment, I keep my site simple and use very few plug ins, but my security scanning software (forget the name) finds deleteme with a bunch of numbers and letters after it files from time to time, not so often these days, but it warns that they are potentially malicious. I always just tell the security software to delete them and then it says my site is good to go. I use high sensitivity which it warns may create false positives. I googled that deleteme file stuff and I guess those files are common and not really something to worry about (so far I'm not worried, I just have them deleted) but thought I'd ask if you know of any issue I may have. Thanks!

  6. uma pipdika

    I just made a new account with adsense they r asking me to post some code on my wordpress site…how to di that…pls make a video on that