Buddypress 2017 WordPress Tutorial – Build A Buddypress Social Network

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Buddypress 2017 WordPress Tutorial – Build A Buddypress Social Network https://youtu.be/JhjSFWnn1dU

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BuddyPress can be used to create a social network out of your regular old WordPress site. You can keep all your regular WordPress features as well, you’re just adding a social network.

Grab your free 17-Point WordPress Pre-Launch PDF Checklist: http://vid.io/xqRL

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40 Responses

  1. alam wahed

    hello dearplease i have proplem , that after the invistor regestration the websit send him nessage say activate your mail but neve send any mail so what the problem?

  2. Baz TheMan

    Looks like WordPress.com does not allow me to install theme or plugin without purchasing business plan. Is there other WordPress hosting that will give me free WordPress site and allow me to test out themes and plugins?

  3. Baz TheMan

    Hi, great work. About choosing theme for BuddyPress. I do not see the same filter from WordPress.com. Basically, there is no such a filter. In WordPress.com, after pressing "Themes" button. There is "Feature", and no mention about BuddyPress in any themes or menu. Do I need to do this in other website or? Thanks. Barry

  4. Hardik Thakker

    Hi Mate, you have explained very well on all features? I don't know why but I don't find list of all members in latest version? Can you tell me what should I do see members list? any specific change in backend?

  5. Ketjup

    is there a way to use the Divi builder for my buddypress pages i want them to look the same as my other pages

  6. Suraj Dhara

    hey your video is amazing thanks but can you tell me how to remove the top bar for login users as user can go to the dashboard from it

  7. Eva Tetteh

    I followed all the steps prescribed in setting up a social network, although the pages showed on my menu, they were all blank, and there was no bbpress menu. Can you please help me?

  8. Lenny Ihaza

    Do you also have the ability to include a "like button" to the posts/activities, just like other social media ?

  9. Dana W

    Thank you for this awesome video.. I've just uploaded BuddyPress, and followed your tutorial, but there are no member privacy options except for update and password.

  10. Raul Zoce

    I am sorry for not being specific. My bad. I was referring to "featured filter" while changing the buddypress theme. It is mentioned at 07:41 in the video.??????

  11. Phungkha Brahma

    every ting goes fine and now i stuck on not send email confirmation during registering. how can i get email confirmation. mail not sending

  12. kobulawayo BYO

    Hi guys can you please help with how i can do the following on buddypress:
    1) Add attachments feature and emojis on private messaging
    2) Change text on the dashboard tans and elements
    3) create different member types eg student and teachers
    im hoping to archive all the above using free plugins

  13. Monique Appels

    Hi, thanks for the tutorial. My automatically generated registration and activation page have the wrong link.They both end up at the activity page. Also both pages do show up at the menu but not shown as a menu.
    How to correct that?

  14. faraj Alwan

    thank you very much for the a wesome video , can you tell me how i can allow login users to add vidoes and pictures to their posts ?

  15. Maxwell Lee

    Question – Users / Role – I am only getting the 5 standard roles. How do I get the list for Moderator, etc like you have in the video? Do I need to add another plug-in? Currently using BuddyPress 2.9.3 with Vantage 1.7.3 Theme.

  16. James Slater

    Hi Buddy, I assume things have changed for the menu feature in the new BP, I followed all the way through but no BuddyPress menu now in the drop downs any suggestions???