Bluehost WordPress Tutorial – Step by Step for Beginners


This tutorial will show you how to build a WordPress website with Bluehost. This is a complete step by step tutorial for beginners.

If your Bluehost dashboard is different than the video, you are on “cpanel” instead of “home”. Click home in the top left of your BlueHost dashboard to make it look like the video.

The Bluehost link above is an affiliate link.

18 Responses

  1. Create Something

    If your dashboard looks different, select "Home" (towards the top left of page). This will make it look like the dashboard shown in the video.

  2. rhvreugde

    Around 3:15 you say, "This is the website I have so far". But that is not what I see. When I follow your steps what I see is "A new WordPress Site Coming Soon!" Do I have to launch my website first before I can see it?

  3. harish sambasivam

    Sir..if you're using multiple host account can u please please make a site for me .and give me name and password to login as wp-admin. just for few days practise WordPress i need it 😭no money to host one costs email is anyway..and if u did this help i never forget it..just for a month i need it to learn..I'm not from a rich family.. so can u?thanks anyway for vid

  4. Chris Hermosura

    How do I preview my site? When I go to “view site” it just shows me one page, and I know I have more content than that.

  5. Ian Walker

    At last I found a video I can watch and follow easily and see where I was making the mistakes. I just wanted to continue building my seat but your video came to an end : ( . Hopefully I can find your next level 2

  6. April Howell

    Thank you this helped out a lot. For some reason your dashboard list is a bit different than mine so I had to search around a lot in order to follow you accurately.

  7. Dustin

    they must have just completely redid their dashboard because mine looks nothing like that?

  8. KirstieB

    How would I add a theme I bought somewhere else? I was told I could do it in the free account with WordPress but it only says I can upload my own if I have the business plan.