Best WordPress Hosting Tutorial For Beginners (Updated 2020)

Welcome to our course entitled best WordPress hosting for beginners. In this course will start out looking at how to choose the best hosting options for your website particularly those that are WordPress friendly. Next we’ll look at how to install WordPress, how to install WordPress themes, how to install WordPress plugins, and how to get access to all these things at no additional cost to you except for the hosting itself. As it turns out most of the companies offering hosting and offering anything WordPress related are looking to charge you to install WordPress, charge you to install the plugins and themes, then up-charge you for WordPress, up-charge you for the themes and the plugins. Turns out, you can get all these things at no additional cost. To start off we’re going to look at website hosting particularly ones that are WordPress friendly. Turns out the cheap hosting can still be great hosting if you know what to look for. In our case you will see how you can get quality website hosting for as little as $4-$10 per month.

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Start video at 30:15 to skip past hosting section 🙂

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  1. FKtdyvan 2016

    Thank you for your excellent lesson on WordPress
    website development and hosting with HostGator. Also, you have a nice teaching

  2. Hennie Chavez

    Hi Webyoda, can you suggest a WordPress plugin to use if I'm going to build a site for affiliate marketing?

  3. Justin Hu

    Hi Webyoda, If I register a domian in other domain servers. can I go ahead with the method you proposed in the video? because I used to use godaddy hosting(my domain is not in godaddy), but it turns out they suggest me to transfer my domain to their server, because of the low website speed. hope you can understand.

  4. Alexandria Rienzo

    I'm using 1and1 with my website, is there any problem moving my site to hostgator? I'm using 1and1 with my website, is there any problem moving my site to hostgator?

  5. Diana Stammer

    I'm sure it's been mentioned before, but one thing to consider when picking a hosting company is the server locations. Most of my customers are from the UK so I you might want to pick a local company for faster speeds.

  6. Ashley Lewis

    Thanks for the video! I was up for renewal and wasn't sure if I should stick around or move to another web hosting. Checked on your channel to see your thoughts and found this video. Used your link to siteground 🙂 Thanks!